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TB 1100 2 5
DAL 0000 0 +158
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    • i dont usually bet on hockey but since this is a slow sports day i took a gander at this game. Every single expert source that i have been able to find on the internet agree's that the best bet to make is on the over. On the adverse side i have tried to find someone that picked the under and i only found one on winnersandwhiners so its like 28-1 over to under pick ratio of the so called expert handicappers on the internet. I'm going to give it a shot and lay a unit on this one

      $500 Over 5
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    • Hammer the over

      $100 TB -166 • $500 Over 5 40% L.10 NHL
    • Last 5 games, there has been an average of 6.2 goals per game (5, 5, 7, 9, 5). In the regular season, the Lightning were the highest-scoring team in the league, with 3.47 goals per game and 243 total goals. The Stars werent quite up to that level, but in the postseason theyve had the most total goals among all teams that have competed, even if their goals per game puts them at 7th. There have been an above average number of shots on goal in this game and averaging 6.2 goals per game in this series. I like Tampa Bay to win tonight but not at the current prices, so following the trends and going OVER 5 here as the best bet.

      $250 Over 5
    • Tampa Bay ML and the
      Over 5.5

      $100 TB -165 • $100 Over 5
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      TB vs DAL Consensus Picks

      59% picked Tampa Bay Lightning on Covers.com

      $100 TB -166 60% L.10 NHL
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      Betting Prediction: The super computer is giving each team a 50% chance of winning and the Total will go Over.

      Full matchup at: OddsShark.com

      $100 Over 5
    • Tampa Bay Lightning 60-26-8 are playing Dallas Stars 52-34-9 on September 28, 2020, 8:00 PM ET at Rogers Place. The Stars opened at +148 and the current line is DAL +150.

      The Lightning are ranked #2nd in offense and 3rd in defense and the Stars are ranked #25th in offense and 4th in defense.

      After crunching 135 data points, CaptainObvious's predicted score is Lightning 3 to Stars 3.

      20% L.10 NHL $100 DAL +149 • $100 Over 5
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