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  • @Dbacks • 2h

    AZ Snake Pit: Series Preview #26: Dodgers at Diamondbacks

    The Dodgers are on a roll again, but really it's been a season long roll. They come to town on a six game win streak, and having won 8 of their last 10. They're 22-8 over their last 30, and now stand at 54-25, for an MLB best .684 W%. 13 games clear of the 2nd place Rockies in the NL West, they won't be caught for the division title this year, that is almost a certainty.

    As you might have heard, they are coming off three straight historic walk off victories. Historic because they won each with a walkoff homer by a rookie.

  • @Yankees • 3h

    Pinstripe Alley: New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays: CC Sabathia vs. Aaron Sanchez


    Despite yesterday's loss, last week was a pretty good one for the Yankees. They swept the Rays, and then followed that up by taking three of four against the Astros. Thanks to the 6-1 week, they're now up 4.5 in the East and a game behind the Twins for the best record in the AL.

    This week will see the Yankees head across the pond to play a pair of games in London against the Red Sox. However before that, they'll host the Blue Jays, starting tonight.

  • @Natdog • 4h

    This line keeps trending the D'backs way and isn't that far from a pick really. Just a little edge to the dodgers at this line compared to the -152 open. If the D'backs are going to win (the way vegas is indicating) it will have to be cause Grienke pitched well. I know Kershaw has historically struggled in Arizona but I don't think this D'back lineup is going to crush Kershaw for 7 plus runs. SO with that said, I like the under in anitcapation of a 3-2 game or something like that. The total movement is saying the opposite of my theory and went up half a run since open but I like my theory still.

    My Pick: Under 8.5 70%
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  • @Natdog • 4h

    Pomernz pitched a freaking gem against the dodgers and he can do that from time to time. He's definatly in the right ball park to succeed and is a very ball park dependent pitcher. He got lit up in Coors (all fly ball pitchers do though) then went to oakland where he rejuvinated his career. Signed a big deal in Boston (another hitters park) and got lit up and had a horrible season. The he went to san diego and had a great year. But now he's in SF and you'd think he'd have better numbers but he really doens't. The rockies may not have story and he's be in a decent start, but they have plenty of right handed batters. Blackmon and Murphy have great numbers againsgt left handed pitchers too and I think the rockies put up some runs in this spot. Thne Jon gray may be in trouble himself because he has a history of being wild and having bad comand. THat won't bode well with the Giants team who's on top half of the league in walks. Hit the over

    My Pick: Over 7.5 70%
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  • @SBlevins • 9h

    Brad Keller is better than his 3-9 record shows and the Royals keep putting him in bad spots, regardless he will get let down again today against an Indians team that's finding their way and getting better. Plutko will pitch a par game and walk out with another win because of the support his team gives him.

    My Pick: Cleveland -170 50%
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  • Really like the Braves who have been crushing the ball out of the park against a guy who has allowed 7 HR's in his last 3 starts on an evening when the wind is going to be blowing 15 mph out. I'll take the over as the Cubs rise to the challenge and make it interesting but not the pitching matchup most will consider not looking at the numbers and the weather.

    My Pick: Atlanta +123 & Over 11.5
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  • My Pick: Atlanta +123 & Over 11.5
    • @rc
      • 4h

      Thanks for pinning that tweet. I liked the overs here but 11.5 is hard to pull the trigger. Let's get on the Braves tonight. 60%

  • My Pick: Atlanta +123 & Over 11.5
  • @1558694211 • 10h

    My Pick: Over 10.5
  • @JohnMiller • 10h

    F5 at -121 for me on the Rockies. They are mashing the ball and are 7-1-2 against lefties in the last 10 on the First 5 innings. Pomeranz has been just awful. In his last 7 Starts he's allowed 5+ 4 times. Jon Gray allowed just 1 ER in an April Start against the Giants. Giants have the worst f5 record in the league. Rockies have a .336 BA in the last 20 games in the first 5. Great bet here, folks.

    My Pick: Colorado -114 50%
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