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BUF 9339 24 55
KC 021107 38 -3
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    • Nice Muff..

      $100 BUF +3 • $100 Under 54.5 57% L.10 NFL
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    • Bottom line: The Bills are undoubtedly one of the better teams in the AFC conference, but the playoff experience and talent that this Chiefs team has is unmatched.

      Chiefs win 35-24

      50% L.10 NFL $500 KC -3
    • Edwards-Helaire hasn't played since being injured in the Chiefs' Week 15 win over the New Orleans Saints

      $100 BUF +3 • $100 Under 54.5 60% L.10 NFL
    • With or without mahomes, BUFF +3.5

      $500 BUF +3 40% L.10 NFL
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    • The Bill's are on a magical run this season, they have looked like a complete team most of the season and I see them making it to the super bowl. Mahomes and KC are the best but I think Bill's have payback on there mind this time around for the earlier loss against the chiefs. With a wounded mahomes at helm I think Bill's have a good chance to upset and continue this run. They look good both on offense and defense and I think Bill's defense give Patrick hell of tough time tomarow, while Allen and Bill's offense put points up. Bill's nation is behind this team and with so much riding on this game for the Bill's I dont see then going away. Bill's keep the train going all da way to superbowl LV!!! Goodluck!

      $500 BUF +3 • $100 Under 54.5 70% L.10 NFL
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      • I was gonna get on here to give you shit but your right magical is exactly how theyve been playing. Since when are Bills relevant? Shit like this makes me think we are living in a simulation ha.. looking forward to not losing $ on this game any enjoying it with a no play.

        70% L.10 NFL $500 KC -3 • $250 Under 53
    • Even with Mahomes at 100% I'm playing Buffalo +3.5. The public is in love with the Chiefs and Mahomes (and rightfully so) but bottomline for me is the tail of the ATS tape - KC is 1-8 ATS in their last 9 games and the Bills covered the spread in their final eight regular-season games, and they split the covers in each of their two playoff games.

      Buffalo statistically has the better offense and Sean McDermott is quietly becoming the sensei of NFL coaches. This sets up for a game that could come down to who has the ball last and with that logic you have to take the +3.5 points in a game that could come down to a last minute field goal. I like Buffalo in a shoot-out.


      $500 BUF +3 • $100 Over 54 40% L.10 NFL
    • Josh Allen and the Bills have been winning me a lot of money this year, while the chiefs lost me $ against the F#*@ing Raiders, and haven't wanted to covers spreads so easily. Josh Allen has been getting it done. Josh seems healthy, and mahomes seems like a question mark. If they don't win I think they will keep it damn close, and this will be the better of the two games on Sunday. I got money on the bills, and a nice 2 team parlay with bills/packers. Either way its gonna be a great Sunday, with the "unit system" thrown out the window. Hero or Zero...

      $100 BUF +3 • $100 Under 54.5 60% L.10 NFL
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    • We are seeing exact rematches of week 6 encounters for both AFC & NFC championship games. Week 6 Chiefs beat Bills 26-17, and the Bucs defeated Greenbay 38-10. A lot has changed since those following weeks, and in doing so, I think both of these games will end up being switch ups from their previous encounters. Everyone I know at-least, thinks the superbowl is primed to be the "All-State Bowl" featuring Chiefs Vs Greenbay, I think not, the Buffalo bills have the highest DVOA of all the remaining teams in the respective conference championship, and they have been defensively keeping their opponents at bay. Mind you, these are the reigning superbowl champions the kansas city chiefs, so the game will not be a given, I think Sean McDermotts coaching of his squad will end up narrowly defeating the Chiefs in their 2nd match up of the season, Josh Allen has been firing on all cylinders, and this game will return a slew of notable players who were not present during their first meeting together. Plus, being a full season betting man, the Chiefs have been terrible at the spread this year, bills have been a top 3 team to beat on the spread. Bills +3 and the over ALL DAY

    • Presuming that Mahomes is good to go on Sunday, we should be set for a high-scoring showdown. Although I expect it to be closer than their Week 6 matchup, the result will ultimately be the same. Mahomes will outlast Allen, and the Chiefs head to Tampa Bay, looking to secure a second consecutive Super Bowl. Kansas City 34- Buffalo 27

      100% L.10 NFL $250 KC -3
    • Gotta respect the team that was here last year and blew it up in a epic comeback to win SB... and Andy Reids. Expect mahomie to cover -6 points here in a shootout that hits 45 points.

      70% L.10 NFL $500 KC -3 • $250 Under 53
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      $100 BUF +3 30% L.10 NFL
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      Betting Prediction: Kansas City will Win, Buffalo will Cover , and the Total will go Under.

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      $100 BUF +3 • $100 Over 54.5 50% L.10 NFL
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