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Need help picking winners this season? SportsJaw makes it easy to follow winning picks and tail the best bets from some of the best handicappers on the planet.

SportsJaw is a revolutionary sports predictions marketplace that organically highlights the proven long term winners who are hot. There is no better place to find authentic handicappers with documented records than on SportsJaw.

How to Buy Picks:

  1. Find Handicappers - View leaderboards to find hot handicappers or look for Best Bets on a matchup page.
  2. Follow your favorite handicappers to quickly view their free picks and premium.
  3. Purchase SJ Credits and use them to tip experts to view their premium picks.
  4. 100% Guaranteed Winners - Tips Only Processed if Pick Wins

Premium Picks are $500 and $1000 Picks. $100 picks are free.

When an expert has a pick on a game you are interested in, you can tip them to view their pick. This is how top experts are rewarded for sharing their tips. Note: you must Buy SJ Credits to tip and unlock best bets.

Throughout the site, you will see Leaderboards that highlight the top performers making it easy to find experts who are hot.

Experts listed in the Hot Zone are the hottest cappers over the last 30 days that are also certified as experts in the sport based on their yearly records.

Documented Handicappers

On a user's profile page, there will be a records chart showing the number of picks made, win percentage and their bankroll balance for the selected timeframe and sport.

Handicappers are Ranked by Bankroll Totals

SportsJaw uses a bankroll wager system (units) of $1000, $500 and $100 wagers to replicate the betting pattern of a typical bettor. Some sports handicapping websites use unit values which don’t take sportsbook vigorish into account (which makes the results look much higher than they are in reality). While our approach isn’t as hyped, the values wagered and vigorish are transparently calculated and displayed. While you don’t have to bet $1,000. $500 or $100 per game, you can use these numbers as a guide similar to units and adjust your bets accordingly.

Follow your favorite expert handicappers to quickly view your team and receive notifications when their picks are released. Simply send a tip to unlock their premium picks.

Every pick at SportsJaw is a GUARANTEED PICK - for every single game from every single person. Handicappers are incentivized to provide winning picks and clients only have to pay for winners. If you tip a handicapper and the game loses, your tip will be returned. You can review your coin log to see all tipping history.

What are you waiting for? SportsJaw is home to some of the best sports handicappers on the planet with documented winners. Join today to start winning more bets with the #1 app for serious sports bettors.

About the Handicapper Platform:

Created by a group of sports minded entrepreneurs and technologists, SportsJaw is the first Web 3.0 sports handicapping platform and home to some of the best handicappers on the planet. We make it easy to find the best bets possible, every day. In short, SportsJaw is a revolutionary sports predictions marketplace that organically highlights the proven long term winners who are hot.

With thousands of bettors actively making picks, SportsJaw is the #1 predictions marketplace for every game in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF and NCAAB. We make it easy for these experts to earn tips from serious bettors looking to up their game.

Established in 2018, Sportsjaw is the world leader in US sports betting information. Featuring free staff predictions and expert handicappers.
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