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Isn't +5 the biggest spread of the series so far? Seems like a lot of points in a do or die game for Phoenix. And thinking back on how dominate the Suns looked in first 2 games, you know the fire power is there to win this game or at least keep it close.

My vs predictions:

$500 | PHO +4.5

Maeda has a noodle arm and Gonzales can't be trusted. Combined these guys have and ERA over 11. Fireworks tonight and O/U is only 8.

My vs predictions:

$500 | OVER 8

I was so glad to be wrong last week, but no one could have expected Michigan State to put the ball on the ground so much. Rutgers still played a good game overall, though Indiana now has film to do things like force Noah Vedral to drive the ball downfield and to offset RU blitzes, script a lot of quick hitting passes. I’m super tempted to pick Rutgers, but they are still 1-21 in their last 22 Big Ten games AND Indiana did just win a close game against a more talented opponent. This game will hopefully be a real battle and in a close contest I have to go with the better throwing quarterback. Again I hope I am wrong. Indiana 38, Rutgers 23.

My vs predictions:

$250 | INDIAN -13

Is Penn State as mundane as Indiana made them out to be? I’d like to think not. Is Ohio state better than Indiana in every imaginable way? Yes, without a doubt. So while I doubt PSU will play as meh on Saturday as they did in last week’s game, I don’t think they’ll have what it takes to beat the Buckeyes. Ohio State 42, Penn State 24

My vs predictions:

$250 | OHIOST -10.5
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