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New Orleans vs Dallas

Thu Feb 2 8:30PM

Pelicans vs Mavericks Predictions & Best Bets

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New Orleans is on the road playing Dallas at the American Airlines Center stadium on Thursday, 2/2/2023 @ 8:30pm EST. Dallas is the betting favorite opening at and the current line is Dallas -4.5.

New Orleans Team Statistics

This season, New Orleans is 26-26 in win-loss record. The team averages 115.0 points per game (12th in basketball) while shooting 47.7% from the field. As a team, the Pelicans are shooting 35.6% from 3-point range (570 of 1,601) and 77.9% from the free throw line. The New Orleans Pelicans average 44.1 rebounds per game and have tallied 1,342 assists this year, ranking them 8th in passing percentage. The team turns the ball over 15.2 times per contest and commits 20.6 personal fouls per game.

The Pelicans force 15.5 turnovers a night while drawing 20.7 personal fouls when they are on defense. As a team, they allow 34.4% of three-pointers and rank 15th in the league in points allowed per game (113.7). The Pelicans defense is allowing a FG percentage on 47.5% (2,161 of 4,551) and they relinquish 42.2 rebounds per game as a squad. With 1,312 assists conceded to the opposition this season, they are 19th in basketball

With a power ranking of 6, New Orleans is ranked #12 in offense (scoring an average of 114.96 per game), #15 in defense (allowing an average of 113.65 points to be scored against them per game) and are 26-26 (24-28 ATS) this season.

Dallas Team Statistics

On the season, Dallas is 27-25. Every game, the Mavericks commit 20.9 fouls while shooting 74.2% from the free throw line. The team earns an assist 22.0 times per game (30th in the league) and loses possession 12.3 times per game. The Dallas Mavericks have accumulated 5,842 points (112.3 per game) and average 38.6 boards per game. The Mavericks rank 17th in the league when it comes to offensive execution, connecting on 47.1% of their shots.

With 112.0 PPG surrendered, the Mavericks rank 8th in basketball. The team forces 13.6 turnovers per game and allows teams to shoot 47.9% from the field (24th in basketball). The Dallas defense allows 35.7% on three-pointers (585 of 1,637) and their opponents make 78.0% of their free throws. On a nightly basis, they surrender 24.0 assists and 44.0 rebounds, which ranks 8th and 20th respectively.

Dallas Mavericks has a power ranking of 12 and are #24 for offense (scoring an average of 112.35 per game), #8 for defense (giving up an average of 111.96 points per game) and 27-25 (17-33-2 ATS) overall. New Orleans went 2-1 (2-1 ATS) in their last 3 matchups against Dallas.

Curated Picks & Predictions

  • From the lines set by Sportsbooks, they predict the score to be NOP 117.5, DAL 108.5.
  • Based on the moneyline, the implied probability that Dallas will win straight-up is 66%.
  • 53% of SportsJaw predicts Dallas Mavericks to cover.
  • OddsShark has not made a prediction yet.
  • 62% picked Dallas Mavericks on

Pelicans vs Mavericks Prediction for Today's Game

Based on recent trends and head to head stats, Mavericks the Scorecaster predicts Mavericks to win tonight's game by 9 points. This model factors in recent against the spread (ATS) trends and scoring which predicts Mavericks to cover the 4.5 point spread and the total to go and the total to go over 226 points.

Staff Pick DAL ATS (-4.5)

The Pelicans come into this one on a cold streak having lost their last 9 games. The injuries to Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram have proved to be extremely costly. The Mavericks come into this one 5th in the Western Conference and have won 2 of their last 3 games. Luka Doncic is coming off a 53-point performance in the Mavericks win over the Pistons last game out. The Pelicans have been ice cold and I don't see them stopping Luka. Take Dallas to win and cover the 4.5 points.

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Current Odds[ - ]

Over 223
Under 223

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Power Rankings[ - ]

New Orleans Pelicans
Dallas Mavericks
FG %
3 PT %
FG %
3 PT %

Last 10 Games Stats[ + ]

New Orleans PelicansPelicans

vs DENL 113-122
49.41FG %
84FT %
83 PT %
vs MILL 110-135
44.09FG %
71.43FT %
133 PT %
vs WASL 103-113
42.39FG %
89.47FT %
83 PT %
vs MINL 102-111
43.53FG %
76.19FT %
123 PT %
vs DENL 98-99
44.71FG %
85FT %
53 PT %
vs MIAL 96-100
47.44FG %
77.78FT %
83 PT %
vs ORLL 110-123
45.05FG %
75FT %
103 PT %
vs MIAL 98-124
46.25FG %
61.11FT %
133 PT %
vs CLEL 103-113
50.67FG %
77.27FT %
103 PT %
vs DETW 116-110
48.84FG %
70FT %
113 PT %

Dallas MavericksMavericks

vs DETW 111-105
49.37FG %
69.7FT %
103 PT %
vs UTAL 100-108
43.75FG %
70.59FT %
183 PT %
vs PHOW 99-95
42.86FG %
71.43FT %
133 PT %
vs WASL 126-127
52.81FG %
84.62FT %
103 PT %
vs LACL 98-112
43.75FG %
57.69FT %
133 PT %
vs MIAW 115-90
46.25FG %
82.14FT %
183 PT %
vs ATLL 122-130
52.38FG %
75FT %
163 PT %
vs PORL 123-140
46.07FG %
81.82FT %
143 PT %
vs PORL 119-136
52.44FG %
57.89FT %
223 PT %
vs LALW 119-115
50FG %
52.94FT %
143 PT %

Injuries[ - ]

New Orleans PelicansPelicans

  • PFZion Williamson (Is out indefinitely, Hamstring)
  • PFE.J. Liddell (Is out indefinitely, Knee)
  • SFDyson Daniels (Is out indefinitely, Ankle)

Dallas MavericksMavericks

  • PFChristian Wood (Is out indefinitely, Thumb)
  • PFMaxi Kleber (Is out indefinitely, Hamstring)

Infographics & Predictions[ - ]

Won 70% of last 10 NBA predictions
New Orleans vs Dallas prediction and stats

Both teams have a compariable offense and both teams have a compariable defense. The Mavericks won more games straight up and against the spread over their last 3 matchups. Adjusted score predictions based on power rankings and strength of schedule: Pelicans 110 to Mavericks 118.


Pelicans Injuries

  • PF Zion Williamson Is out indefinitely, Hamstring
  • PF E.J. Liddell Is out indefinitely, Knee
  • SF Dyson Daniels Is out indefinitely, Ankle

Mavericks Injuries

  • PF Christian Wood Is out indefinitely, Thumb
  • PF Maxi Kleber Is out indefinitely, Hamstring

New Orleans vs Dallas infographic

After crunching 8 data points, our relative predictions model has elected to not make a prediction on this game - view the New Orleans vs Dallas infographic for details.

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