BAYLR 4739 86 158.75
GONZG 3733 70 -4.5
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    • This sure had the look of a team that heard all year another team was #1 and the best team in the country and tonight had a chance to do something about it and show everyone they had it wrong all along. Baylor was awesome tonight. Deserving champs!

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    • Welp that was the dagger. Everything going right for the Bears tonight. Messy.

      60% L.10 NCAAB $250 GONZG -4.5
    • 40 Minutes. Let's go Gonzaga.

      60% L.10 NCAAB $250 GONZG -4.5
    • Gonzaga: we have a high scoring offense

      Baylor: we lift with the football team

    • LOL WTF. Who predicted a blowout.

      $100 BAYLR +4.5 • $250 Under 159.5 20% L.10 NCAAB
    • Overs at 159.5? For that to hit, we would have to expect we have to see a 80-81 type of game. I'm leaning Under here solely due to Baylor's lock down defense (see the Houston game). Plus I would assume both teams will be patient on offense probing and be a bit more conservative with shot selection.

      I predict the hook comes into play. Gonzaga wins 78-74 and it goes Under.

      $100 BAYLR +4.5 • $250 Under 159.5 20% L.10 NCAAB
    • Both teams have potent offenses but Baylor is better defensively so I look for a Baylor win tonight, somewhere between 11 to 14 points over the Zags.

      Davion Mitchell sticks to his matchup like glue and all it takes is a second of distraction or mishandling the ball and Baylor is running to the other end of the court for a quick bucket in transition.

      Sure, Suggs made some good defensive moves vs UCLA, especially the deflection of Rileys shot and timing a pass just right and make a half court dribble pass for a dunk, But, those are brilliant becaus they don't happen all game long. Baylor, on the other hand, is first and foremost a defensive minded team. They are after the ball all game long.

      Defense wins basketball games because you cant win if you cant score. Of course, Baylor wont stop every Gonzaga score but they will get more stops and force more turnovers than Fews team.

      $500 BAYLR +4.5 • $100 Under 160 50% L.10 NCAAB
    • Baylor has been the side Im on all season. Baylor was truly tested for many games, and it took an incredible performance by a very talented Kansas team to make something happen on the moneyline. Gonzaga would have more losses than Baylor if they had to follow the same schedule. In my opinion, that combined with UCLA pullin Gonzaga to OT nearly twice, shows what team theyve always been. When you go undefeated, you forget what its like to play a team who actually believes they can beat you. Baylor has got to come into this one with confidence from the Houston game, while Gonzaga questions if they should even be here. Baylor for the win. Not a Gonzaga fan Wayne so talk ur shit if you want, Im not takin them

      $250 BAYLR +4.5 40% L.10 NCAAB
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    • Careful with choosing a side since both teams are +22 point differential and Baylor playing the tougher conference schedule. I have Gonzaga 80 - Baylor 76 Final score.

      $100 Under 159.5
    • This is the matchup we have all wanted to see. This is the best defense that Gonzaga will face all year. These teams will score at will tonight. The only way to defeat the zags is Baylor will have to trade baskets and go on runs. With that being said I see a high scoring game as well. I think this game comes down to the wire and 4.5 points is to much in my opinion. Im riding the Bears +4.5.

      $500 BAYLR +4.5 • $500 Over 159.5
    • Well, here's the game we've been waiting on all year. UCLA proved that in order to have a chance to beat Gonzaga, you have to be able to trade baskets. Baylor is more than capable, as the Bears had 23 assists on 29 made field goals versus Houston. In addition to stellar defense, the Bears will need an elite offensive showing in order to beat the Bulldogs and win a national title.

      Why take Baylor:

      1.) Baylor's defense will be the best defense the Zags have faced all year.

      2.) Baylor has 4 guys that shoot over 35% from 3 and as a team average 41% on the year.

      3.) Baylor is getting 4.5 points and this will be a close game, or Baylor could win out right.

    • I'm a former Red Raider, so I watch a lot of Big 12 Basketball and I saw all season how Baylor dominated Texas, Texas Tech, Kansas, OU and OSU. Baylor was by far the best team in the Big 12 but they did get upset by a bad Iowa State team and lost to Texas in the Big 12 tournament. But Baylor has looked even more dominate in the NCAA tournament and when they shoot over 40% from 3 point land they can beat anybody - including Gonzaga.

      Both Baylor and Gonzaga have 3-4 guys that can flat light it up from 3 point land and I'm sure 3 point shooting % will dictate who wins this game. But all things being even, if Gonzaga brings their A-game and Baylor brings their A-game, I think Gonzaga wins and covers 70% of the time. While Baylor has been winning all season, Gonzaga has been beating the piss out of teams....by larger margins.

      I was expecting this line to be 6-7 points, but I think this line is a reaction to Baylor drumming Houston and UCLA almost beating Gonzaga in the semi-finals. But why did Baylor drum Houston? Because the Cougars shot 21% from the field in the first half and played awful. On the other side, #11 seeded UCLA played almost a perfect game against the Bulldogs and they still lost.

      Baylor won't have an answer for Timme and Suggs and if they get the 3 ball going, I like Gonzaga to flex their muscles tonight.

      Score: Baylor 78- Gonzaga 88

      60% L.10 NCAAB $250 GONZG -4.5
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    • We actually saw the championship game between the Zags and UCLA, what a game that was! To be honest, I think Gonzaga runs this Baylor team out the gym and it might get real ugly. Drew Timme is the difference, hes going to dominate this game. Baylor has absolutely *NOBODY* that could check Timme. Correct me if Im wrong but I think this is the shortest spread were getting out of Gonzaga all year, why not take advantage of it lol. Zags cruise through this one. Im putting the house on them tonight !

      50% L.10 NCAAB $500 GONZG -4.5
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    • Zags -4.5 and OVER

      30% L.10 NCAAB $500 GONZG -4.5 • $500 Over 159.5
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      30% L.10 NCAAB $100 GONZG -4.5 • $100 Over 159.5
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