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  • October 28 at 4:54pm

    Won 50% of the Last 10 Picks.

    Price has been ever bit as good as Kershaw in the post season and not sure LA deserves to be -150 today. You simply can't bet LA at -150, so the only two options are Red Sox +130 or Dodger RL (-1.5) +150. I think it's a low scoring game so leaning Red Sox win and close it out tonight.

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  • October 27 at 10:15am

    Won 50% of the Last 10 Picks.

    My bookie has Boston +150. Regardless of who's on the mound for Boston, I'm taking the Red Sox simply from the point of value here with the plus money

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  • October 27 at 7:36am

    Won 80% of the Last 10 Picks.

    Nathan Eovaldi was originally expected to start for Boston tonight but he pitched in relief again in Game 3, the third time in three games this series, which rules him out for Game 4 tonight. Instead, the Red Sox figure to roll with Drew Pomeranz or Chris Sale on short rest. Rich Hill is expected to go for the Dodgers. He posted a 3.66 ERA during the regular season and he has only allowed 3 runs in 10 post season innings. I'm going to pick the Dodgers to win Game 4 because I don't trust Pomeranz and I don't trust short-rest Sale given his velocity issues since coming back from the DL. Dodgers win tonight 6-3.

    Betting Pick: Dodgers -1.5 +125 (RL)

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    • @Warbucks
      October 27 at 7:46amMore
      I can get behind that.
    • @Sammy52
      October 27 at 8:42amMore
      I think both teams are drained following that marathon last night so Im leaning to the LA Dodgers who should have the edge on the mound tonight regardless of who starts for Boston
    • @MTLJ
      October 27 at 10:36amMore
      Dodgers might win but this wont be high scoring. Both teams drained their bullpen and hitting strength
  • October 26 at 8:06am

    Won 50% of the Last 10 Picks.

    I was all over Los Angeles in game one from a value standpoint as I thought Kershaw gave us a legitimate chance in that matchup. And game 2 unfolded about how we expected, I actually had Boston on the RL in game 2 which cashed. Tonight, Buehler has the edge over Porcello and it will be hard for the Red Sox to win 3 straight, but from from a sheer betting value perspective the only bet here is Boston +135, as you can't lay -160 odds with how hot the Red Sox are right now. I'll go out on a limb here and predict Boston Red Sox find a way to win game 3 and all but close this world series out.

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    • @MTLJ
      October 26 at 9:50amMore
      agree with you, Dodgers has like 30-35% chance of winning but you have to pay -160 which is absurd. Even at -120 i would consider twice. You never know, its Boston , they do have the hitting power to sweep Dodgers , don't forget Red Sox went 4-1 , 4 winning streak against Astros. Are dodgers better than Astros? i doubt.
    • @BookieKiller
      October 26 at 2:00pmMore
      No the Dodgers are not better than the Astros. I don't think they are better than Milwaukee either. I'll take the plus money and Boston tonight...Red Sox bats are too mean.
    • @Altuve27
      October 26 at 5:54pmMore
      I wish the Stros had another shot at Boston. I've never seen a team score more runs with 2 outs. But I do believe Boston is the best team this year.
  • October 25 at 10:41pm

    LA Times: David Freese may start for Dodgers in Game 3, even with right-hander Rick Porcello on mound for Red Sox


    Through the first five months of the season, the Dodgers were a middling offense against left-handed pitchers. As a group, they ranked 19th in baseball with a .711 on-base-plus-slugging percentage. That mediocrity prompted the team to acquire David Freese, a veteran corner infielder.

    In the final month of the season, as the Dodgers surged to their sixth consecutive National League West title, the offense was far more formidable against left-handed pitching. The team posted an .831 OPS against left-handers in September, which was third in baseball, and not far from the team's .860 OPS against right-handed pitchers that month.

  • October 25 at 10:07am

    Won 50% of the Last 10 Picks.

    The reasons why you will bet on Dodgers is because : 1. Red Sox pitchers can't bat. 2. Dodgers are at home. 3. Buehler. 4. Bounce. Still, -165 is just way too much for a team that has 30-35% to win against Red Sox. As for me, i will continue riding the Red Sox and with plus money? Hell yea! Bats seemed dead yesterday due to the cold, hopefully Friday night will be warm. BOL.

    My Pick: Boston +140 & Over 7.5

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    • @MTLJ
      October 25 at 10:11amMore
      Forgot to mention , im 2-0 since the beginning of the series. Riding Red Sox and only.
    • @JohnMiller
      October 26 at 5:32pmMore
      NICE. +140? Why not.
    • @Altuve27
      October 26 at 5:53pmMore
      Agree, can't pass up +140 in a world series game with the better team. Too early to break out the brooms?? lol
  • October 24 at 11:01am

    Won 50% of the Last 10 Picks.

    Nevermind my Winning rate profile, its almost impossible to reset it. Yesterday , like i said , Dodgers would of been a good bet but Kershaw sucks because he will load the bases : it did happen and Red Sox won. Today, Red sox will win again. Ryu is not better than Kershaw and he is shaky (even lost badly to Reds). After Price tasted the victory against Astros on Game 5, i think he will well perform today as well. If Dodgers will hit Price, the Red Sox will hit Ryu twice harder. No brainer. Red Sox ML and a bit in -1.5. Backers against Red Sox will tell you, it was like, that 3 run HR yesterday. BOL to all.

    My Pick: Boston -150 & Under 8.5

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    • @Jack68
      October 24 at 11:27amMore
      Good post! I was on LA last night, at those odds I thought it was the only bet. I agree with yo on Ryu and like Price and Red Sox tonight. Like your thoughts on -1.5 here too. Thanks.
    • @Jack68
      October 24 at 11:28amMore
      BOL to you too.
    • @MTLJ
      October 24 at 12:58pmMore
      im sure dodgers will win 1 of the games at home otherwise, this is a 5 game series. No way more. I just can't think of a scary SP dodgers has that Red Sox cannot hit. Buehler? Ryu? Kershaw? Bring it on.
  • October 23 at 6:23pm

    Won 50% of the Last 10 Picks.

    ***LOS ANGELES +150*** Give me Kershaw tonight, Chris Sale reportedly isn't 100%, he has been experiencing shoulder problems and just got out of the hospital for stomach problems 10 days ago. In his last start against the Stro's he was in grind it out mode and fast ball was around 90-92mpg. Too many question marks around Sale tonight to lay -180, give me Kershaw all day at these prices.

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  • October 23 at 4:09pm

    This line moved to +150. How is money coming in on Boston at these odds??

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  • October 23 at 9:15am

    Won 50% of the Last 10 Picks.

    I like dodgers with plus money and with the fact that they will play hard in 1st game but i'm not confident with Kershaw. He's a ace pitcher in regular season but the more he plays, the slower he pitches. Red Sox can easily hit him. He will load the bases at 2 outs and call to the bullpen.

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    • @BookieKiller
      October 23 at 12:54pmMore
      Hard to bet against Boston in this spot. Long trip for LA coming off of a 7 game series. Sale and Kershaw on the hill and 1st game of World Series, I think it's low scoring. Go Under 7.5.
    • @MickeyT
      October 23 at 1:12pmMore
      I like Dodgers tonight, because if Kershaw is "on" then he can shut down the Red Sox. But if he isn't at his best then advantage Red Sox. Sale is also a shutdown pitcher...I like under here too.
    • @MTLJ
      October 23 at 1:15pmMore
      i took over 7.5 so far , bol to all
    • @MTLJ
      October 23 at 1:17pmMore
      LA to boston flight is not tiring , 6hours in business class. I don't think baseball players will sit in economy class.
    • @MTLJ
      October 24 at 8:45amMore
      Like i predicted, he did load the bases :)