Picks Tuesday Sep, 17, 2019
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09/15/2019   -   LOST $20

HOU -7.5
Jaguars 12
Houston 13
BAL -13
Arizona 17
Ravens 23
Money Risked represents $100 wagers. No actual money is being bet here.
  • @SBlevins • 6h

    The Indians won't catch the Brewers but every game in the AL matter because everyone is so close. Indians at home is my call. There is just to much fire power on Cleveland's side.

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  • @SBlevins • 1d

    Cleveland makes up for that horrible performance last week then we get to hear Mayfield brag for a week after silence from him this week.

    My Pick: Cleveland -6.5 & Under 45 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 4d

    Brooks and the Orioles for the win.

    My Pick: Baltimore -102 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 4d

    Boston College is big and fast and eat teams like the Jayhawks for breakfast maybe even just a snack. They are methodical in their method and Kansas program has taken a hit in the past couple years. Kansas lost to Coastal Carolina last week, enough said.

    My Pick: Boston College -20.5 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 6d

    I don't like the pitching matchup here today, they are similar and the Red Sox bullpen will be at work early. I just don't think the Blue Jays can take two in a row from Boston.

    My Pick: Boston -135 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 7d

    I wish I would have decided on this game earlier but I think I'm still in a safe zone. Wacha will do his average best as always and Gonzalez I'm amazed is still with the team but they don't have a deep bullpen to pick from.

    My Pick: St. Louis -154 & Under 13.5 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 1w

    The Redskins will be fighting an uphill battle till they figure out what they can do about their quarterback problem. Philly at home. I like the Eagles here, the all around better team.

    My Pick: Philadelphia -10 & Under 44.5 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 2w

    Texas takes another tonight with a few more runs scored on each side. Bundy does have a shot here but I think the bullpens decide this game.

    My Pick: Texas +117 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 2w

    That +35 makes it tempting but the Sun Devils could blank Sac St. I'll take the under.

    My Pick: Under 63.5 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 2w

    I like Philly and Nola here.

    My Pick: Philadelphia -130 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 2w

    Philly has really struggled here lately. They should be in position to make a run but they haven't been consistent. The offense is still producing and that will get them through this game today.

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  • @SBlevins • 2w

    Houston and Cole is a good deal today. The Astros have to be careful though, The Brewers bats can turn any game around.

    My Pick: Houston -175 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 2w

    I need this game to convince me that Jalen Hurts is a Sooner. I wonder how the effects of the move are going to hinder his performance. This is definitely worth watching. The Sooners are always ready and Houston is going with all new confidence. I still like the Sooners here.

    My Pick: Oklahoma -23 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 3w

    The Cowboys have a good nucleus coming back and they will make an already tough Big 12 even tougher.

    My Pick: Oklahoma St. -14 50%
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  • @SBlevins • 3w

    If Philly is going to make a move they need to do it against the likes of Pittsburgh and now. They let a good opportunity pass yesterday.

    My Pick: Philadelphia -144 50%
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