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    McCovey Chronicles: Could Shun Yamaguchi leave the Giants for the Giants?

    On Tuesday, it was announced that right-handed pitcher Shun Yamaguchi of the Yomiuri Giants would be posted making him eligible to be signed by a major league team for 2020 and beyond. Yamaguchi joins Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, Shogo Akiyama, and Ryosuke Kikuchi in this year's class of NPB players who could be playing in the big leagues come Opening Day. We've written about the slappy Akiyama and the sluggy Tsutsugo, so it's time to take a closer look at Yamaguchi before he signs with a team that isn't the Giants.Thanks to quick looks from Kazuto Yamazaki and Jim Allen we know that Yamaguchi has four pitches: a fastball that sits around 90 mph, a put-away splitter, a slider, and a curveball.

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    McCovey Chronicles: Wednesday BP, 11/20/19

    Good morning, McCoven!I saw something interesting yesterday. Though I'd seen plenty of people talking about the bullpen mounds being moved, I hadn't yet seen any confirmation that they were, in fact, moving in the fences as had been...hinted about? Joked about? I was never really sure how serious the rumors about that were. Until now. (Or, you know, on Saturday when this actually came out. I haven't been as on top of things as I would like lately.)

    Apparently, per Alex Pavlovich of NBC Sports Bay Area, they are indeed planning to move the outfield walls in.

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    McCovey Chronicles: The Giants may not protect anybody from the Rule 5 draft this year

    Welcome to my annual exercise in futility -- a ritual of public humiliation so consistent in its annual wrongness that I can take solace if my predictions haven't been proven incorrect before the post publishes -- predicting who the Giants might protect from the Rule 5 draft at the upcoming Winter meetings. Will I up the ante by predicting a shutout for the Giants' system this year? Perhaps!But first, for the uninitiated, how about a clear and simple recap of the groundrules: players are eligible to be selected in the Rule 5 draft if they are 1) not on their team's 40-man roster as of 8 pm EST tomorrow (Wednesday, 11/20) night and 2) experiencing their fourth Rule 5 draft if they were 19 or older on June 5 of the year they signed their first professional contract or their fifth Rule 5 draft if they were 18 or younger on June 5 of the year.

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    McCovey Chronicles: Madison Bumgarner's no-trade list released

    Earlier today, a no-trade list came out for Giants' ace Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner, who has a partial no-trade clause, can block trades to eight teams, and he opted to block trades with eight contending teams, per Ken Rosenthal. Those teams are the Braves, Red Sox, Cubs, Astros, Brewers, Yankees, Phillies and Cardinals.

    Madison Bumgarner's eight-team no-trade list, per sources:#Braves#RedSox#Cubs#Astros#Brewers#Yankees#Phillies#STLCards

    Bumgarner chose teams strategically; list comprised solely of contenders that might want to acquire him from #SFGiants, not teams he wants to avoid.

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    Raising Matt Cain: Pence Comes Through!

    SF 3 SD 2 (11)
    Hunter Pence, on a desperation 0-2 swing with one out and the bases loaded, poked a grounder past Padres first baseman Eric Hosmer for a walk-off winner, driving in the tying and winning runs. The home squad squeaked out a win against their toughest foe, San Diego. Derek Rodriguez pitched brilliantly, 99 pitches for 21 outs and only four hits and one run (a solo shot in the 1st) along with six whiffs and one walk. It's exciting to see young players emerge--let's hope he can sustain it. The more competition for spots, the better.

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    San Jose Mercury News: Kurtenbach: Here are three reasonable free agent targets for the Giants

    Now that the Gabe Kapler drama has died down a bit, Farhan Zaidi and the Giants can get on with the business of actually building their baseball team.The only question: what on earth is their plan this offseason?

    It's clear that they're not going to sign a big-time, big-money free agent -- they're not going to make a run at Gerrit Cole like they made a run at Bryce Harper last year -- and Madison Bumgarner has likely thrown his last pitch for the Giants, but they're going to sign someone to pique the fanbase's interest for the 2020 season, right?

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    Fansided: San Francisco Giants should give Shaun Anderson a chance to be the closer

    The San Francisco Giants entered the 2019 offseason knowing that two of their top pitchers from a year ago could very well be leaving them in the coming months.And before the offseason could really properly take off, the first of those two dominos officially fell.

    Closer Will Smith declined his qualifying offer from the Giants and inked a deal with his hometown Atlanta Braves. The contract is three years with a fourth-year club option and is worth a total of $39 million.

    For that price, the Giants were likely never willing to match.

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    McCovey Chronicles: Tuesday BP, 11/19/19

    Good morning, McCoven!Today, we'll continue in our series of looking back at games this season that you might have forgotten about. For today, the random number generator decided to give us Game 55, which finds our Giants in Miami on May 30th, overtaking the Marlins in a 3-1 victory thanks to an eighth inning rally.

    What makes this win memorable is the fact that it came on the heels of a seven-game losing streak. So this was a much needed win that helped restore the collective sanity of the fanbase after an incredibly dull stretch of the season.

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    Fansided: San Francisco Giants 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, San Francisco Giants fans! But before you start chugging egg nog and filling up on cookies, you need to take care of your holiday shopping. But don't worry, because we've compiled a list of some of the coolest items out there.But before we get into it, we've got some important information to share. You can save 10% on every purchase from FOCO the entire month of November by using the code FanSided10 at checkout. So make sure the fan cave isn't ignored and pick up some awesome collectibles.

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    Fansided: Giants: How the Gabe Kapler hire impacts five key people

    When the San Francisco Giants hired Gabe Kapler to replace longtime manager Bruce Bochy, it was a decision that rankled the feathers of fans for a multitude of reasons.That negative perception will follow Kapler into his first season with the team, and the only way for him to start changing minds will be for the team to start winning.

    For now, let's take a look at what his hiring means for these five key members of the organization: Team president Farhan Zaidi
    General manager Scott Harris
    Catcher Buster Posey
    Shortstop Brandon Crawford
    Outfielder Mike Yastrzemski

    This collection of people represents a mix of the old guard and the new wave, including new the team's newly minted general manager and a standout rookie from the 2019 season.

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    McCovey Chronicles: How to be a fan when you're conflicted

    Hi, my name is Brady Klopfer, and I used to be a San Francisco 49ers fan.Used to be. I'm not anymore, which is probably why you're reading my words on a San Francisco Giants site, not a San Francisco 49ers one.

    The 49ers never fully lost my fandom. The NFL did, for reasons I won't get into (except through links to sate the curious readers). But by the time the NFL came knocking, asking me to renew my fan vows, my relationship with the 49ers was fractured enough that it was easy for me to say "nah, I'm good," and start taking advantage of going to Costco during NFL hours.

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    McCovey Chronicles: Will the 2020 Hall of Fame ballot be the one to get Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame?

    Have you been honing your debate skills? It's Hall of Fame voting season and the discourse now demands your talking points. It's really easy to dismiss the voting at this point, though -- I did it back in January -- and maybe the better life to live is the one that doesn't commit any time and energy to what a museum chooses for its exhibition. On the other hand, this year's ballot looks like a bland one, meaning Barry Bonds could finally be elected to the Hall.Yeah, thought that might get your attention.

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    San Jose Mercury News: Deion Sanders, who helped the 49ers win Super Bowl XXIX, loves the current team

    Any true blue fan of the scarlet and gold knows the 49ers haven't won a Super Bowl since Deion Sanders left the Bay.He arrived with the 49ers stuck in a four-year Super Bowl drought. Seeking a jolt for the 1994 season, they turned to Sanders who was looking for something more than he had with the Atlanta Falcons. He signed a one-year contract with San Francisco. The Los Angeles Times called Sanders "arguably the most powerful defensive weapon in the NFL."

    Suffice to say the desired outcomes came to pass. Sanders made six interceptions that season, returning three for touchdowns -- including a 93-yarder in Atlanta, after which he told everyone who would listen, "This is my house!

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    McCovey Chronicles: Monday BP, 11/18/19

    Good morning, McCoven!With the news last week that Will Smith has signed with the Atlanta Braves, it seems like yet another (albeit shorter) era has ended. By which I mean the brief era of an intimidating bullpen. As we have been reflecting on the season that was, I think that might be one of the most understated things about this season.

    The combination of Will Smith, Tony Watson, Sam Dyson, Reyes Moronta and other really effective relievers was such a refreshing change for a team whose most recent playoff attempt was ended by a bullpen implosion in 2016 against the Chicago Cubs in the NLDS.

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    San Jose Mercury News: Giants mailbag: Will club pursue Gerrit Cole, who replaces Will Smith and what's realistic in 2020?

    SAN FRANCISCO -- If there's one thing Giants fans made abundantly clear to the franchise over the last week, it's that their patience is wearing thin.It's not an easy time to root for the Giants and that's not only because the team has posted losing records in three consecutive seasons. Off-the-field issues are increasingly concerning and president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi made the unpopular decision to hire Gabe Kapler, a controversial lightning rod, as the team's field manager.

    Our Giants beat writer, Kerry Crowley, fielded questions from readers about the front office, the new manager, the club's approach to free agency and realistic expectations for 2020.

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