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  • @NFL Vikings Feeling the Salary Cap Squeeze, OBJ Back in Cleveland, Rookie Standouts in Minicamps

    OTA season is about to kick off. Buckle up...

    * As of Monday morning, the Vikings have $664,266 in cap space... and first-round pick Garrett Bradbury still hasn't signed yet. It's clear that Minnesota has some work to do in that area--especially because every team needs to sock away some cap space for in-season injury contingencies--and the obvious place to make some space is with TE Kyle Rudolph, who has been available via trade for about a month. His $7.625 million number for 2019 ($250,000 of it tied to per-game roster bonuses) makes him both tricky to move and, without any dead money on his contract, an easy place for the Vikings to find breathing room, if they have to cut someone.