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Latest news for Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals on 6/24/2022.

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CINCINNATI - As Patrick Wisdom took reps at first base before a game this weekend at Great American Ballpark, first base coach Mike Napoli stood next to him, watching his footwork as Christopher Morel and Zach McKinstry threw across the diamond.

"I believe in my athletic ability and being able to be put in any spot and do well," Wisdom told the Sun-Times. "And so I think just trusting that, trusting my baseball awareness to put me in a good position right now, and just keep building on those."

Wisdom has proven the kind of power he can add to the Cubs' lineup.

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Adrian Sampson struggled through a 31-pitch first inning in which he walked a pair of Reds and the Cubs had an inning-ending double play overturned. (It was pretty obvious the "out" call at first base was wrong on that DP attempt, though.)

In the end, though, only one run scored in that inning and the Cubs went on to play long ball at the homer-friendly Great American Ball Park. Franmil Reyes, Ian Happ (who pretty much always homers in Cincinnati) and Willson Contreras went deep for the Cubs and they won their third straight, 7-2 over the Reds.

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His Cardinals hadn't won a World Series since he was in preschool. And there was Jim Mielke, wedged into the front row of the Busch Stadium bleachers, his right leg dangling over the right-field wall. He watched Bruce Sutter fire the final strike from upon the glorious green stage. And right then, Mielke broke the fourth wall by jumping over the outfield wall.

"I remember the drop down being farther that I thought it would be," said Mielke, 60, who was 20 in 1982. "It was chaos, people running in every direction. And I've always been a souvenir guy.

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We're now two starts into Jose Quintana's Cardinals tenure and it appears there's already an arsenal adjustment in the works. You all should know by now that I love arsenal adjustments.

I find it fascinating when a pitcher tweaks his pitches in an effort to improve. And I find it especially fascinating that Quintana may be changing his arsenal.

Tere's two reasons why. The first is that he's a successful pitcher. He had a 3.24 FIP and 2.1 fWAR with the Pirates. You all know how the old saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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