Runs 104 19th
Batting Average .235 19th
On Base Percentage .319 17th
Slugging Percentage .393 21st
Earned Run Average 4.84 9th
Quality Starts 5 21st
WHIP 1.40 11th
BAA .250 14th
2019 AL West Standings
Seattle 16 10 .615 L2
Houston 14 9 .609 W1
Texas 12 10 .545 L2
Oakland 13 13 .500 W2
Los Angeles 9 15 .375 L2


  • SP
    Tyler Skaggs (Ankle) 10-day IL (04/13)
  • LF
    Justin Upton (Toe) 10-day IL (03/25)
  • RP
    JC Ramirez (Elbow) 60-day IL (03/25)
  • SP
    Andrew Heaney (Elbow) 10-day IL (03/25)
  • SP
    Nick Tropeano (Shoulder) 10-day IL (03/25)
  • RP
    Keynan Middleton (Elbow) 60-day IL (03/16)
  • RP
    Taylor Cole (Shoulder) 10-day IL (03/25)
  • RF
    Michael Hermosillo (Undisclosed) 10-day IL (03/25)
  • DH
    Shohei Ohtani (Elbow) 10-day IL (03/25)

Angels News

  • 2 hours ago

    Halos Heaven: Angels are wasting the best years of Brian Goodwin

    Brian Godwin leads the team in batting average.

    Do we deserve him? Probably not. It's hard to carry the Angels on your back and walk a mile in Brian Goodwin's shoes. Goodwin has had the task of coming to this Angels team late in spring. So late that the Angels claimed him off waivers from the Royals just one day before the season started. This chain of events happened because Justin Upton smashed his big toe against an outfield wall. Sometimes good CAN come from bad.

    But the Angels aren't putting a winning lineup around Brian Goodwin.

  • 5 hours ago

    Halos Heaven: HumpLinks: In Search of a Plan B

    And in today's news...the sun rose in the east, the moon set in the west, and the Angels lost 7-5 on a mix of inconsistent pitching and inconsistent hitting. The Halos are now 9 and 15. The season so far has been lose 1, win 1, lose 5, win 6, lose 1, win 1, lose 6 again, win 1, lose 2. If this were roulette, I would put all my money on black.

    It's a pesky thing, trying to compete at the MLB level without a starting rotation and missing offensive firepower from 4 of your 5 slugging positions.

  • 9 hours ago

    Halos Heaven: Game 025 - Back in Action Pregame Picks

    Introduction can be found here:

    This is ABCD! The rules are as follows:

    Using the 4 stats, try to maximize your score.
    The values will be plugged into the function below, and calculated.
    Top Score = 4 point (+1 if the only person)
    2nd Highest = 2 point
    3rd Highest = 1 point

    A score of zero scores at most 1 point.
    A negative score never scores any points.

    (2A + B) x (C - D)

    A gets doubled... so making this a bigger number might help.

  • 11 hours ago

    Halos Heaven: Brian Goodwin makes another badloss bearable, Bour tries to bury lede

    Justin Bour hit a Grand Slam when the Angels were down 7-1. We appreciate what you did and your efforts to improve.

    Now, to business. Brian Goodwin has earned an updated write-up. Arguably one of the sparkliest and most-handsome gems at the bottom of the dumpster, Billy Eppler really outdid himself with this one.

    Right here and now, he is easily the best player on the team. Mike Trout is likely still battling to get back to where he was, and no one else is remotely close to the bearded left fielder in terms of offensive production.

  • Today at 1:02am
  • Justin Bour to Star Command: We have liftoff.

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  • Today at 12:16am

    Halos Heaven: Angels select contract of lefty Sam Freeman and recall Justin Anderson

    Sam Freeman, come on down! You are the next contestant on the Angels wheel of relievers! Not a big surprise that the Angels would send reinforcements, given how much the bullpen has been worked over as of late - especially last night. As you can see by the Mike DiGiovanna tweet, Taylor Cole and Luke Bard are heading to Salt Lake for a bit or R&R and Justin Anderson was recalled to the big league club.

    The Angels signed Freeman to a minor league contract on March 29th, so it's possible many of you didn't even know he was in the system.

  • New York vs Los Angeles (Apr 23) Yesterday at 10:23pm

    Halos Heaven: Yankees @ Angels 04/23/2019 The Aftermath Gamethread


    For the first time this season, I will be free to watch a game and will choose not to do so.

    I just can't after last night. See y'all tomorrow!

  • Yesterday at 10:06pm
  • Its time to #PlayBall! New York Yankees @FoxSportsWest @AngelsRadioKLAA

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  • Yesterday at 8:30pm
  • Welcome back, @janderson_22!

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  • Yesterday at 2:48pm
  • RT @MLB: #MLBFoodFest is coming to LA!Eat. All. The. Ballpark. Food.

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  • Yesterday at 2:17pm

    Fansided: Gio Gonzalez Can Change the LA Angels Season

    Most have considered the offense as the LA Angels weakness, and while that hasn't been great, the rotation has been equally to blame. With a number of names returning from the Injured List in the coming weeks or months, there is some hope the rotation can become competent.

    However, on Monday, the Angels were presented with the chance to completely change their season when one pitcher surprisingly became available.

    I'm not talking about an ace to trade for such as Madison Bumgarner or Corey Kluber. I'm not even talking about a player like Dallas Kuechel, who will cost tens of millions of dollars and force the team signing him to give up draft compensation.

  • Yesterday at 12:11pm

    Halos Heaven: Former Angel Adam Riggs talks with Halos Heaven

    A little back story on this one. I was recently approached about doing an interview with former Angel Adam Riggs by a representative for his Angels themed podcast. I accepted the offer not really knowing much about Riggs or how the interview would go.

    What I discovered is that on top of being a great storyteller and fun guy, Adam has a pretty unique perspective on Mike Scioscia, his coaching staff, and key players that led to the Angels greatest sustained run of success. An interview I approached with a handful of questions turned into a conversation that lasted over 20 minutes and was really enjoyable.

  • Yesterday at 8:19am

    Halos Heaven: TuesdoLinks: A Gray Flannel Slumber Party

    If ever there were a game where we can say we missed Justin Upton and Shohei Ohtani, last night's game was it.

    I have about as much energy and cohesiveness as the Halo offense last night, wasting a pretty good bunch of pitching - including that of starter Matt Harvey.

    So let's just put it to rest. Angels lose in 14, 4-3.

    And I am punching the ticket on these Never-Ending-HaloLinks:

    A Little Bit Of Angels News

    I suppose this is one of those things where stat folk wish to inform us that we need to be patient and that it will all work out over the long haul.

  • Yesterday at 6:49am

    Halos Heaven: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders outlast Angels in crazy war of attrition

    "I guess, next time, the test needs to be longer than 3 hours." - eyespy

    Before we begin, I'd like to point out that this sequence happened in the 8th inning.

    Meh, we're just moving people around, right? This definitely won't have any consequences at all.

    Matt Harvey remains an enigma. He pitches six innings, giving up two runs. But it really should have been only one run, because Jonathan Lucroy botched a throw. But he was giving up a lot of hard contact, and he was bailed out by his defense.

  • Yesterday at 4:45am

    Halos Heaven: Game 024 - No Pregame Picks

    Introduction can be found here:

    There are five different entries for you to choose from. In each of these, you can choose the OVER, the UNDER, or to PASS. For each correct entry, you get one point, but if you get ANY ONE incorrect, you get a ZERO for the entire game.

    Therefore, choose your picks and your passes wisely! You can be bold and go for all 5 points or play it safe and get the ones you know.

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