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    Fansided: Royals: Should Kansas City bring back Homer Bailey?

    The Kansas City Royals went on a bargain-basement free-agent shopping spree before Opening Day 2019. The curious signings characteristic of General Manager Dayton Moore's approach to free agency continued: critics panned the choices of most of the eight veteran major leaguers Moore pursued and signed. The criticism was not without justification as most were disappointments and all were released, traded, sold or waived before September.Pitcher Brad Boxberger posted a 1-3 record and 5.40 ERA in 29 games and was released in July. Chris Owings, as inexplicable a signing as any of Moore's previous choices, hit .

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    Fansided: Royals: Jorge Soler, more than just a home run hitter?

    Kansas City Royals fans know who Jorge Soler is at this point. There has likely been more coverage of him during the past season and current offseason than any other member of the Royals roster.This is for good reason, though. Soler blasted his way into the front of the line during the 2019 season. Soler hit home runs like no Royals before him. He broke Mike Moustakas's previous single-season home run record of 38, and just for good measure, beat it by 10.

    Soler is a terror at the plate for every pitcher and as the season progressed he got better and better.

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    Pine Tar Press: Top 7 Most Effective Baseball running exercises for Youth

    Smart and sensible running provides the team with an amazing advantage that leads to winning. Not every team takes care of it which may alter the results of the game for them.Running is the basic tool for the movement of the players within the field. With the right running drills, the players can drastically enhance the winning chance.

    Running is essential for both teams as the batter needs it to complete the run, while the fielders are required to go after the ball. Players, during the game, sprint for only 8-10 seconds in one time run if we see precisely.

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    Royals Review: Who should the Royals protect from the Rule 5 draft?

    The Rule 5 draft will take place at the Winter Meetings in December, but the deadline to add eligible players to the 40-man roster to protect them from being drafted is Wednesday, November 20. The Royals currently have a full 40-man roster, so they will have to do some roster shuffling to add players in anticipation of the draft.What is the Rule 5 draft exactly? It is a way of making sure organizations don't hoard talent by stashing minor leaguers without giving them a chance. Players eligible to be protected are those players not on the 40-man roster that were 18 or younger on the June 5 preceding their signing and this is the fifth Rule 5 draft upcoming; or were 19 or older on the June 5 preceding their signing and this is the fourth Rule 5 draft upcoming.

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    Fansided: Royals: Should Kansas City bring back Edinson Volquez

    Most Kansas City Royals fans can remember the amazing 2015 World Series run. It was something for the history books and it continues to float through the minds of Royals fans from year to year, especially during these rebuilding years of 100 loss seasons.There is little left of that 2015 Royals team still in Kansas City and a new era of Royals baseball is forming right in front of fans' eyes. The team is working with younger players and trying to build a new contending team in hopes of another World Series run.

    It's likely the team will soon start to add some new players to the team, through free agents or call ups.

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    Royals Review: Derek Jeter, former Royals outfielder Raul Ibanez among first-time Hall of Fame candidates

    Former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter headlines 18 new Hall of Fame candidate class for the Hall of Fame in a ballot released by the Baseball Writers of America today. Jeter seems likely to be inducted on the first ballot after a legendary 20-year career that included 3,465 hits, 14 All-Star Games, five Gold Gloves, and four championship rings.Former Royals outfielder Raul Ibanez is also on the ballot for the first time. Ibanez enjoyed a 19-year career that included four seasons with the Royals, in which he hit .272/.335/.465 with 305 home runs and 20.4 WAR.

    Other first-timers on the ballot include Bobby Abreu, Josh Beckett, Heath Bell, Eric Chavez, Adam Dunn, Chone Figins, Rafael Furcal, Jason Giambi, Paul Konerko, Cliff Lee, Carlos Pena, Brad Penny, J.

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    Royals Review: The greatest first basemen in Royals history

    In writing these pieces about the top five players at every position, it's become very clear to me that the team I love and have rooted for since their inception has been woefully short of outstanding players. Sure, there's always one or two who were terrific, but not always five. The catcher position was like that. And so is first base.There have been guys who've had a solid season or two, such as Todd Benzinger, Hal Morris and Doug Mientkiewicz, but when it comes to longer tenured careers of excellence, it's slim. Even though the Royals were skinny on the talent with first basement, the first basemen did field the best nicknames in the history the team: Hammer, Big John, Brohearn, Papo, Wally World, Bye Bye and my personal favorite, Moose.

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    Royals Review: Royals Rumblings - News for November 18, 2019

    Royals Rumblings - News for November 18, 2019In his Friday notes, David Lesky is okay with the Royals having a limited budget....for now.

    Paying the bad team tax isn't worth it yet. What'll bother me is if all that does happen and it looks like the Royals are, let's say, a center fielder and a reliever away going into 2021 (just go along for this ride with me, don't argue the dates) and they don't even check in on someone to trade for or sign then I'll be upset. And yes, I very much hope this new ownership group is willing to eat some money on deals to bring back better prospects in trades and all that, but I can't even begin to get worked up about payroll discussion.

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    Fansided: Royals: Infielder Matt Reynolds signed to minor league contract

    As the Kansas City Royals, and the whole MLB, move deeper into the offseason, fans should start to expect moves and changes coming out of the organization. For the Royals, there has been a lot of talk concerning how aggressive the team will, or will not, be during the free agency.Yesterday, the Royals announced a small move that was made, the signing of infielder Matt Reynolds to a minor league contract.

    We have signed IF Matt Reynolds to a minor league contract.

    The 28-year old was previously in the Nationals' organization and hit .

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    Fansided: Royals: Should Kansas City bring back Ben Zobrist?

    After a 30-season absence from the postseason, the Kansas City Royals came agonizingly close to winning the World Series in 2014. Some nine months later, determined to return to and win the Series, the Royals beat out other trade deadline suitors to land veteran infielder-outfielder Ben Zobrist for the stretch run. Zobrist, an instant fan and clubhouse favorite and vital component in the club's march to a World Championship, so enjoyed the Kansas City experience that his daughter, born five days after the Series, was given "Royal" as her middle name.But the end of the 2015 season meant free agency for Zobrist; although the Royals clearly wanted him back, the mutual admiration society that was the Kansas City-Zobrist relationship wasn't quite enough to overcome the Chicago Cubs' four-year, $56 million offer and a reunion with manager Joe Maddon, for whom he played at Tampa Bay.

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    Fansided: Relax, the Royals being cheap this year isn't that bad

    Many were hoping the Kansas City Royals would defy the small-market narrative by opening up the pocketbooks and making a few splashes in free agency this offseason. Those hopes have quickly been extinguished:

    Royals, with new owner coming in, have very limited budget. With just a few million to spend, they hope to bring back Gordon and add a pitcher or 2 (likely in pen)

    Per MLB Network's Jon Heyman, the team is expected to operate under a "very limited budget" during new owner John Sherman's first season on the job. If Alex Gordon is indeed brought back for one last season, it will likely come at a relatively cheap price tag.

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    Royals Review: Hok Talk: Analytics guys save baseball

    Billy Beane, speaking on behalf of Commissioner Rob Manfred who could not be reached, has made a stunning announcement today. Baseball has solved all of its problems! No longer will fans be able to complain about the nets impeding their vision or poor officiating. Player injuries will be a thing of the past. Concerns about the pace of play will also be eliminated. Never again will a pitcher live in fear that his opponent will - through baserunner or technology - somehow anticipate the pitch he is about to throw. Heck, they've even eliminated concerns about parking costs, ticket costs, and whether or not a downtown stadium is a good idea.

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    Royals Review: Royals sign infielder Matt Reynolds to a minor league deal

    The Royals have announced they have signed infielder Matt Reynolds to a minor league contract. The 28-year old has three years of Major League experience with the Mets and Nationals, appearing in 127 games and hitting .223/.295/.340 with four home runs in 240 plate appearances. The right-handed hitter spent all of last year in Triple-A with the Nationals, hitting .295/.401/.521 with 16 home runs in the offensive-friendly Pacific Coast League.Reynolds is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native who attended the University of Arkansas. He is capable of playing all over the field, appearing at first base, second base, shortstop, third base, and left and right field.

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    Fansided: Royals: Should Kansas City bring back Jake Diekman?

    The Kansas City Royals signed a veteran left-handed free agent to bolster their bullpen in 2019, then traded him in a midsummer deadline deal. Should the club reunite with him for 2020?The Kansas City Royals, spoiled by the unstoppable bullpens that fueled their runs to two straight World Series in 2014 and 2015, but hampered since by inconsistent and ineffective relievers, signed veteran Jake Diekman as a free agent before the 2019 season. The club then traded him close to the July trade deadline; faced again with a subpar relief corps, should the Royals sign him this winter and bring him back?

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    Fansided: Michael Pineda needs to be a member of the Royals

    There are plenty of reasons for the Royals, or any other major league team, to have concerns about signing free-agent starting pitcher Michael Pineda. He has missed large chunks of time during his career. He spent his first two seasons with the Yankees, 2012 and 2013, unable to pitch due to shoulder issues. He missed 2018 after a Tommy John injury followed by a torn meniscus. He missed the end of the 2019 season, and the playoffs, for the Twins due to being suspended after testing positive for a masking agent for PEDs.

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