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05/22/2019   -   LOST $100

TOR +143
Boston 6
Toronto 5
Money Risked represents $100 wagers. No actual money is being bet here.
  • @GoldFinger • 14h

    biggest game in Toronto history! this gonna be a good one! I predict Danny Green is the difference tonight and has a break out game. Raptors get the W!

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  • Porcello is on a nice little roll and Boston should be favored, but Sanchez gives Blue Jays a shot at winning this game. There are probably better games on the board today but I'll put something little on Toronto tonight, even if it is more of a value bet.

    My Pick: Toronto +143
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  • I think the Milwaukee Bucks are overall better team and I like them to win this series in 6 games. Despite shooting just 37.3 percent from the field, the Bucks still had chances to win game three and probably do if Antetokounmpo didn't foul out early in the second overtime. I don't see Kawhi having another performance like we saw in game 3. I'll lay the bucket with the better team.

    My Pick: Milwaukee -2.5
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  • Portland gets put out of their misery tonight. It's not RIP CITY it's Rest in Peace City. Say Goodnight.

    My Pick: Golden State -3.5
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  • Lopez o4.5r - feel like Toronto will continue being cold on offense giving more rebounds to a 7-footer who tends to drop back in the paint on defense.

    Siakam u30pra - don't remember the regular season matchups but both teams want to conserve their stars' energy till the 4th quarter, so I feel like Siakam and Giannis will both defend each other. Siakam then expends more energy both on offense and defense, putting up less stats.

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  • Golden State Portland Playoff Totals = 59.65% going UNDER

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  • In Game 1 of their second-round matchup, Boston was able to grind Milwaukee down. The game had 99 possessions, and the Bucks scored just 90 points on their way to a 22-point loss.
    The rest of the series was played at an almost 106 possessions per game pace and the Bucks swept them all. What does this mean? Milwaukee thrives in transition and Toronto plays transition basketball.

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  • Portland's last 7 games against the GSW 4 wins 3 losses. Repeat of this please. #RipCity

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  • I would have never bet 1275 to try and win 500 :p

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  • My Pick: Milwaukee -9
  • Boston Celtics are circling the drain and already look defeated. The Bucks have won last 3 games by average of 13.3 points and I think they win by double digits again tonight.

    My Pick: Milwaukee -9
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  • And bum knees to boot

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  • Big fella doesn't have much of an immune system

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  • The outlier was Game 4. In each of Games 1, 2 and 3, the road team shot fewer free throws and drew more fouls. Standard home court advantage. In Game 4, the free throws were even and the home team was called for five more fouls.

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