Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a profile picture?

When you connect using Twitter or Facebook, your image photo will automatically be displayed. If you want to edit/add a profile picture you must first be logged in, click My Account in top right, select "change avatar". Here you can edit/add a new profile picture and change the background image.

How do I close my account?

To close out and permanently delete account, you can send a request to customer support. Note that we can delete your profile but some user content will be cached by the search engines and other third party websites.

How do I invite friends?

First you must invite friends by email or text to join Once they have created an account, you can use the "Search" bar at the top of the page to search for friends by username, full name, or email address. Find your friends and simply click on that user and click "+Follow".

Can I create private groups?

Private groups will be added.

How do I block a specific user?

If you want to block a user from showing up in your newsfeed, simply go to any post by this user, click the drop down carrot in the top right of the post, then select "Block all posts from this account". If the content should be flagged as inappropriate content, you can select "flag this post".

How do community picks work?

The community picks are picks made by the SportsJaw community. This allows gamblers to quickly see which way the public is betting. The majority of the SportsJaw community are knowledgeable sports gamblers and generally know what they are talking about. By crowdsourcing these community picks we get a collective edge and additional feedback to make our gambling picks. If you have a strong opinion about a game, then we encourage you to share that pick with the community. All picks are monitored and handicapper rankings provided to additionally highlight the top sports bettors.

What are alerts & how do I subscribe?

When you join SportsJaw you are automatically subscribed to the SJ Alerts. Betting Alerts are issued by the staff at SportsJaw when information is detected that gives a strong edge for any betting match-ups. SportsJaw alerts are released by the SportsJaw neural sports betting network which include real-time injury updates, key weather reports, or chatter from the SportsJaw community on a strong recommended pick. SportsJaw alerts allow our members to stay ahead of the betting line and cash in on games with key information that will affect the outcome. Alerts can be customized for specific teams, sports or turned off in your Privacy Settings.

How to I control my privacy settings?

Login, click "My Profile" in the top right, select "Privacy Settings". Here you can manage who can see your posts, who is following and who can see your friends. For more information about our privacy policy.