Detroit Pistons

41-43 (41-40-3 ATS)

Team Snapshot
Points Per Game 107.0 25th
Rebounds Per Game 45.0 18th
Assists Per Game 22.5 26th
Points Allowed 107.3 7th
2018-19 Central Standings
Milwaukee 60 22 .732 L1
Indiana 48 34 .585 W1
Detroit 41 41 .500 W2
Chicago 22 60 .268 L3
Cleveland 19 63 .232 L10


  • PF
    Blake Griffin (Knee) is doubtful Saturday vs Milwaukee

Detroit Pistons News

  • 1 hour ago

    Detroit Bad Boys: Turnout for the playoffs shows Detroit still cares about the Pistons

    When discussing the major sports teams in Detroit, the Pistons are often viewed at the bottom of the totem pole for fan engagement. They get the least amount of discussion on the airwaves and the discussion that they do get is often negative and only about how they should tank (cough..cough...97.1 The Ticket). And while this is mostly the team's own doing with all the mistakes different management teams have made since the Goin' to Work Crew, they are still the only team in Detroit to make the playoffs in their most recently played season (this is suddenly getting very depressing).

  • 2 hours ago

    Detroit Bad Boys: Recounting the best of the best from Detroit's Blake Griffin from this past year

    From the moment the universe was gifted with my birth at approximately 4 p.m. on October 16th, 1981 until right around 6:30 p.m. on January 29th, 2018, I might've uttered or typed the words "Blake" and "Griffin" a couple dozen times. Nothing personal against the big fella, but the only time Detroit would have to worry about the Los Angeles Clippers would be in The NBA Finals so the joke just wrote itself.

    I didn't know much about him.

    The basics were covered. I knew he was good at the dunking thing and, apparently, he's supposed to be funny or something.

  • 4 hours ago

    Fansided: Now Two Full Seasons In, Luke Kennard is Earning His Stripes

    With the 2018-19 Detroit Pistons season coming to an end in a quick 4 games at the hands of the Bucks, the book closes on Luke Kennard's second season in the Association.

    The 6'5'' youngster showed fantastic growth in his second season in the Motor City, as fans began to get a taste of what seemingly will be the Kennard of the future.

    If you've been following the Detroit Pistons for some time now, you'll understand the dark cloud over the franchise that is the NBA Draft. The Pistons have struggled to draft stars, with the last quality draft pick being Andre Drummond in 2012 (but the jury is still out on whether or not he's a star *sigh*).

  • Yesterday at 11:26pm

    Detroit Free Press: Niyo: Blake Griffin is game, but is Pistons' brass up to the task?

    Blake Griffin finished on one leg. And when he finally walked off the court Monday night, the noisy collection of playoff-starved Pistons fans inside Little Caesars Arena showed their appreciation, rising one after another -- on two feet -- to give him a standing ovation.

    "Blake played his heart out," head coach Dwane Casey said later, using what was left of his raspy voice to join the chorus. "He gave everything he could to our team."

    A moment later, Casey added, "So we owe him a lot."

    And if there's a single takeaway from this fitful season, that should be it.

  • Detroit vs Milwaukee (Apr 24) Yesterday at 7:15pm

    Fansided: Takeaways from the Detroit Pistons Finale versus the Milwaukee Bucks

    No, not that MVP. Not Giannis Antetokounmpo, the likely MVP of the National Basketball Association. The chants were for Blake Griffin during a standing ovation, far and away the most valuable player of the Detroit Pistons.

    No current player embodies the city of Detroit like Griffin does. Not just counting the Pistons, but all four of the professional sports teams, sitting kitty corner from each other downtown. After only a season and a half, Griffin carried his team on his back to what was the Pistons' second playoff appearance of the decade, and the first playoff series ever held at Little Caesars Arena.

  • Yesterday at 5:16pm

    Fansided: Detroit Pistons fought to extend their season

    The Detroit Pistons entered Little Caesars Arena on Monday, understanding it may be their final time doing so this season. Blake Griffin had returned game three, but it wasn't enough to stop the Milwaukee Bucks from beating down on the Pistons.

    With the city of Detroit behind them, the Pistons went into this game expecting to leave it all on the court in what could've been many players final time playing together.

    Andre Drummond had heard the boos from game three, and no doubt had heard all the noise from some wild fans about him and his teams play.

  • Yesterday at 3:17pm

    Detroit Free Press: 'This season is the foundation': Blake Griffin believes in Pistons, himself

    Auburn Hills -- In the last few weeks of the season, the Pistons' fortunes changed from making the playoffs and competing for the sixth or seventh seed to barely squeaking into the postseason with a win in the last game of the regular season.

    The big change was Blake Griffin's left knee.

    It changed the course of the Pistons' regular season and kept him out of four of the final seven games, plus the first two of the four playoff games. The path forward isn't clear yet, but the knee will need some medical attention.

  • Yesterday at 9:12am

    Detroit Free Press: After dreadful Game 3, Dwane Casey urges Pistons' Andre Drummond to 'keep it simple'

    Detroit -- Andre Drummond tried to laugh it off, the gut reaction to a performance that has come to define his season. In Game 3 on Saturday night, he was struggling to even get the shortest of shots to go through the hoop. He was sped up and most of the crowd of Pistons fans in the sold-out Little Caesars Arena were fed up.

    In the Pistons' best chance to turn the tide of the series -- and with Blake Griffin's return to the starting lineup after missing 10 days -- the anticipation was there.

    The production wasn't.

  • Detroit vs Milwaukee (Apr 24) Yesterday at 8:12am

    Official Site of the Pistons: Pistons don't quit scrapping, but a 41-12 free-throw disparity paves way for Bucks sweep



    Three quick observations from Monday night's 127-104 Game 4 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks at Little Caesars Arena

    END OF THE LINE - Dwane Casey challenged his team's pride to avoid a first-round sweep and the Pistons responded with easily the most competitive game of the series - it was a one-point game late in the third quarter before the Bucks overwhelmed them in the fourth quarter - but one that they ultimately lost in large part because they sent Milwaukee to the foul line way too much - growing increasingly frustrated with the lopsided foul tally as the game went on.

  • Yesterday at 6:17am

    Detroit Free Press: Wojo: Pistons blasted by reality, and must change something

    Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores speaks after the Game 4 loss, completing the round one sweep by the Bucks, about the team and the future Daniel Mears, The Detroit News

    Detroit -- It was a mismatch in every way, as big a mismatch as you'll ever see in an NBA playoff series. Even with an incredible effort from Blake Griffin in front of noisy home crowds the last two games, the Pistons weren't close, aren't close, and have to know it now.

    The question is, what are they going to do about it?

  • Detroit vs Milwaukee (Apr 24) Yesterday at 3:52am

    Detroit Free Press: 'We'll be fine': Pistons start strong, still broomed by Bucks


    The Pistons were swept handily, by double digits in each of the four games and but team owner Tom Gores remains optimistic. Rod Beard, The Detroit News

    Detroit -- Andre Drummond played better. Blake Griffin played hard. Reggie Jackson played well. The Pistons had a double-digit lead and played their best game of the playoff series -- and still lost be a large margin.

    It's a testament to how good the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks are -- and how far the Pistons will have to come in the offseason to catch up with the new dominant team in the Eastern Conference.

  • Detroit vs Milwaukee (Apr 24) Yesterday at 1:32am

    Detroit Bad Boys: Pistons vs Bucks final score: Pistons season ends at hands of Bucks, 127-104


    The 2018-19 Detroit Pistons season ended tonight at home at Little Caesars Arena against the Milwaukee Bucks, 127-104.

    In half number one, Detroit showed an extra gear -- and an extra collective will, dare I say-- than we've seen. The Bucks seemed dialed-in, it was just that the Pistons were crisper, quicker, feistier, and the ball was going in the bucket a bit more than it was for the Bucks. It wasn't a fluke -- the Pistons had a lot to do with it. Detroit led 62-56 at the half.

    The bench chipped in with pesky defense and timely shooting with Langston Galloway and Luke Kennard both shooting 3-of-6 from the field.

  • Milwaukee vs Detroit (Apr 22) April 22 at 11:29pm

    Detroit Free Press: Broomed and gloom: Pistons start strong, still swept by Bucks


    Detroit -- Andre Drummond played better. Blake Griffin played hard. Reggie Jackson played well. The Pistons had a double-digit lead and played their best game of the playoff series -- and still lost by a large margin.

    It's a testament to how good the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks are -- and how far the Pistons will have to come in the offseason to catch up with the new dominant team in the Eastern Conference.

    The Pistons were overmatched and had an uphill climb in the series, but even their 12-point lead in the first quarter evaporated, as the Bucks wore them down and earned a 127-104 victory in Game 4 on Monday night at Little Caesars Arena.

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  • Blake has four threes tonight.This one, though ... #PistonsNow x @RocketFiber

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