Community Guidelines

What Is the SportsJaw Community?

As sports fans, we are all naturally part of a huge community and with we have connected that community online. From gambling experts to general sports fans, SportsJaw enables members to connect and share the game experience and excitement of a thrilling bet on the winning team.

At SportsJaw, we are happy to offer a platform to connect gamblers and sports fans together. We encourage users to share their insights, make predictions and share friendly banter during the games. After all, the guys that started SportsJaw are no different than you—we take sports very seriously. With that said, we ask that you respect your peers and abide to our guidelines.

Why Do We Need Guidelines?

As passionate fans, it is important to be able to express yourself. Creating such discussion is what produces a unique community. However, there are some forms of communication that just won't fit no matter what the situation is. For that reason, we have guidelines in place to make sure comments don't take a turn for the worst. We know it's easy to turn into a “keyboard warrior” and let the anonymity the Internet provides to take over. However, we ask that you police yourself. And for those of you who can't, our moderation team will take the appropriate action with any users who don't abide by our rules. Remember, the Internet is a public place. Our readers come from all walks of life. We're all here to read about and discuss sports in a healthy manner—not be insulted or personally attacked.

What Will Get My Account Suspended?

Well, for starters...

  • Obscenities
  • Personal attacks directed at other users
  • Slurs that degrade any religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality or gender
  • Having an inappropriate username and/or profile picture.
  • Disrupt the discussion in the comment section by posting repetitive and/or non-sensible comments
  • Post links to websites that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed
  • Make multiple profiles under the same or a similar username
  • Try to use the comment section to promote your personal website (although we're sure it's lovely)

In layman's terms...

  • Don't be a jerk.
  • Don't be a troll.
  • Don't be a spammer.

What Happens If My Account Gets Suspended?

Just like in baseball, we believe in second and third strikes. Should you do something to violate our guidelines, a hold will be placed on your account, preventing you from posting and/or liking any more comments. Simultaneously, you will be sent an email with the problematic comment, a reason for the violation and how to get your commenting privileges back. After reviewing these guidelines and gaining an understanding of what we expect from users, we will lift the hold on your account after you email our team back. Strike two involves the same process, only this time, your warning is final. Should you violate the guidelines for a third time, we'll take it as a sign that you don't want to be part of our community, and your account will remain permanently suspended.

What Should I Do If I Notice Someone Else Being Offensive?

In addition to policing yourself, we appreciate it when our users help make the SportsJaw community a better place by flagging any comments that they deem as offensive. It is important to note that comments being flagged should fall in line with our rules above, and not simply posts you just happen to disagree with.

As much as we know you hate seeing some posts you don't share the same opinion with, we are not going to remove it just because you flagged it.