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    Detroit vs Milwaukee (Apr 17) April 17 at 9:28am

    Detroit has absolutely no answer to stopping Giannis. And with their best player sideline for the series (Blake Griffin), I have them little to no hope in this game as well as in this series. Giannis will get to hole with ease, and will probably get a good sum of his points from the free throw line. As for the rest of the Milwaukee squad, tough defense and high percentage shots will honestly make this a double digit lead by halftime. Andre Drummond has to have the best game of his career to even remotely keep hope alive for Detroit. Asking players like Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard to drop 20+ pts consistently isn't likely and on the road, its a snowball chance in hell that will happen again. I expect Milwaukee to win by 20+, Giannis will have over 30, and the entire Bucks squad will launch more than 30 three pointers tonight while making at least 35% of them. Bucks cover the 1Q and 1H spread, as well as easily beating the pistons by more than 15. Bucks win big, series heads to Detroit with the pistons down 0-2.

    My Pick: Milwaukee -15 & Under 212.5

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    Coming into this year's playoffs, if there was any team that would prove to be disappointing and nothing but hype, it would be the 76ers. Expect Brooklyn to come out with fast-pace, looking to score in transition, and shoot a lot of 3s. Defensively the Nets will continue to dare Ben Simmons to make a jump shot. I expect Butler to have a great game, and Embiid to be limited because of the knee. Brooklyn's bench provides better productivity than Philly so thats a huge positive. I expect Philly to put on a much better performance than they did Saturday but, +8 is too much of a reach for this team currently. Philly May win, hell Brooklyn might steal 2, but expect the game to be very close in point margin.

    My Pick: Brooklyn +8 & Over 226

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