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    Fansided: Red Sox: Expect 40-man roster moves in anticipation of Rule 5 draft

    The Boston Red Sox will have until 8 p.m. on Wednesday to add any Rule 5 draft-eligible prospects to their 40-man roster to prevent them from being poached by other teams during the winter meetings next month.The Rule 5 draft is an annual event where teams with open spots on their 40-man roster can select eligible players from other organizations. Teams that select a player must pay the club they are taking from $50,000 and they must keep that player on their 25-man roster for the entirety of the upcoming season, or else they'll be forced to offer the player back to their original team.

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    Over the Monster: Rick Porcello's remarkable consistency

    Perhaps the most valuable quality for any player in the game of baseball is consistency. As teams try to project their own individual seasons there can be so much noise involved that having a few sure things in the equation makes everything that much easier. Even on a smaller level, there is value in game-to-game consistency as teams that have constant roller coaster experiences all around their lineup are prone to long slumps. You needn't look further than the 2017 Red Sox for evidence of that.Looking at this current Red Sox roster, there are a few models of consistency.

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    Fansided: Red Sox Debate: Chris Sale vs Eduardo Rodriguez for title of staff ace

    Eduardo Rodriguez put the ribbon on his gem of a 2019 season by finishing sixth in Cy Young voting. Chris Sale finished in the top-four in seven consecutive seasons before falling short of the ballot this year. Now, when determining the ace of the staff, will the Boston Red Sox value track record (favoring Sale), or recency bias (favoring Rodriguez)?The entire Red Sox rotation, except for Rodriguez, entered 2018 hot after a dominant postseason run. They all left 2019 cold, except for Rodriguez.

    Sale entered 2019 after a shaky end to his 2018 season.

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    Over the Monster: 2019 in Review: Eduardo Rodriguez

    Welcome to our 2019 Red Sox in Review series. This is, as you can probably guess, where we will be reviewing all of the players who made at least a modest impact on the Red Sox in 2019. Every week day we'll be deep diving into one player every day. For each edition we'll describe the season in a sentence, look at the positives from the year as well as negatives, look back at our one big question from the season preview and look ahead to the 2020 season. We'll be going in alphabetical order of the players on this list.

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    Over the Monster: MLB Roundup 11/19: Hall of Fame ballot released

    Monday was a big day for those who are passionate about the history of the game and the Hall of Fame in general, as the ballot for this year's Hall of Fame class was released. Now, we wait until January 21 to learn who will actually be in. Over the two months before that announcement, we'll hear plenty of arguments about steroids and park effects and the merits of WAR and a whole lot of other things that will probably make me pull my hair out. In case you can't tell, I'm pretty much over the Hall of Fame stuff at this point and think the entire process has eaten itself and taken away any entertainment value in my mind.

  • @RedSox • 15h There's no reason to trust MLB in its Spinners-killing minor-league proposal

    COMMENTARYHow you feel about the radical, slash-heavy reorganization plan for Minor League Baseball that Major League Baseball has kicking around depends, I suspect, first on your proximity and interest in the 42 teams that the majors plan to erase after next season. (In New England, that means primarily the Red Sox-connected Lowell Spinners, but also their fellow short-season clubs in Burlington, Vt., and Norwich, Conn.) It also, however, hits on a wider question: Do you trust MLB to act first in the best interests of baseball, or simply of MLB?

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    Over the Monster: Where the Red Sox stand heading into the Rule 5 Protection Deadline

    Wednesday night is the deadline for teams to submit their 40-man rosters ahead of December's Rule 5 Draft. Obviously, changes can still be made to the roster in terms of players being added from outside the organization in free agency and trades. However, if eligible minor-league players are not added to the roster by 8:00 PM ET on Wednesday they will be able to be selected in the Rule 5 Draft. Here's a quick breakdown of all you need to know just over a day away from the deadline. What is the Rule 5 Draft?This seems like a pretty good place to start, eh?

  • @RedSox • 19h A Mass. politician is fighting MLB's proposal to split the Lowell Spinners from the Red Sox

    In the wake of a new proposal from Major League Baseball to cut down its minor league system, a U.S. representative from Massachusetts is trying to help lead a bipartisan response.The MLB proposal, which first became known in October, would cut the Major League affiliation with 42 minor league teams (out of 160 in total). The teams in question would become independent after the current Professional Baseball Agreement between MLB and MiLB expires in 2020, and possibly join the Dream League (with rosters composed of un-drafted players and free agents). Among the teams affected would be the Lowell Spinners, according to a Boston Globe report.

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    Fansided: Red Sox Minor Leagues: Affiliate is facing elimination under MLB proposal

    Everyone is trying to find ways to save more money these days and the sports world is no different. As we all know the Red Sox are doing their best to try and shave money from the payroll to reset their CBT penalty ahead of 2020. Major League Baseball as an entity is also trying to find ways to keep more in the bank account and their new proposal will directly affect Boston.In the new proposal put forth by the MLB, the organization will be attempting to cut ties with several minor league affiliates, 42 to be exact, in order to save money.

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    Fansided: Boston Red Sox Free Agent Target: Shortstop Jose Iglesias

    The list of unsigned free agents is long, obviously, but one familiar name that might beckon Boston Red Sox Chief of Baseball Operations Chaim Bloom is that of Jose Iglesias. He's the slick-fielding shortstop who dazzled Boston fans soon after making his MLB debut in 2011 with the Red Sox, for whom he played from 2011-2013.Iglesias is coming off a solid 2019 season in which he hit .288 for the Cincinnati Reds while achieving career highs with 11 home runs and 59 runs batted in. He signed a one-year deal last February with the Reds for $2.

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    Fansided: Rumors: Twins could relieve Red Sox of a starting pitcher

    MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that the Minnesota Twins are pursuing a top-arm such as Zack Wheeler or Madison Bumgarner to fill out a rotation that currently consists of Jose Berrios and Jake Odorizzi. If those efforts fall short, the Boston Red Sox may offer them a contingency plan.After establishing themselves as one of the best teams in baseball in 2019, the Twins have an obvious goal to upgrade the starting rotation this offseason. They got slaughtered in the ALDS by the New York Yankees and while the rotation wasn't too shabby, it wouldn't hurt to upgrade the back-end.

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    Fansided: Red Sox Memories: Celebrating the legendary David Ortiz

    Everyone has a birthday every year. What this means is that Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz turning 44, in hindsight, isn't that special. This being because 44 isn't a particularly unique number by any means. But this year was different, and the fact that it was so different encouraged me to write this article.Everybody by now, whether you are a baseball fan or not, should know what happened back in June. I don't need to elaborate much on the horrific and cowardice act that occurred in the Dominican Republic, but we all know that Ortiz is very lucky to be able to be celebrating his 44th birthday this year.

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    Fansided: Boston Red Sox: What the future holds for Andrew Benintendi

    The Boston Red Sox drafted Andrew Benintendi with the seventh overall pick of the 2015 Major League Baseball Draft. Benintendi shot up through the farm system and saw limited playing time in Boston just a year later but made enough of a positive impression to make the team the following season.In 97 games spanning A & AA, Benintendi slashed .312/9/76/16, a spectacular look at what bright things were to come for the future youngster.

    Only one player drafted prior to Benintendi has made any noise at the Major League Level. Tendi was looking like a future core player to go alongside the likes of Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

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    Fansided: Three Red Sox deals that had to be made and one that must

    Baseball has a litany of axioms that are firmly anchored in the methodology of the sport such as "The best trades are the ones that help both teams." Trading a player is a delicate manner since it has an essential base in that the player is no longer wanted or needed. A rejection of a suitor mentality. Pack your bags and leave.The crux of the trade has changed since the advent of free agency and its evil financial twin arbitration - at least from the view of a team's accounting department. Consummating transactions have eventually had leaks that would render a Congressional committee as secret as the Illuminati.

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    Over the Monster: Daily Red Sox Links: Alex Cora, Chaim Bloom, Jackie Bradley Jr.

    We have only really heard about the Astros to this point, but should we be more worried about Alex Cora's possible role in the sign-stealing? (Chad Finn; Red Sox are going to be shopping in the bargain bin this winter, and they stayed in a location that fit that mold at the GM Meetings. (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

    MLB Network counted down the best plays of the year, and the Red Sox were number one. (Chris Cotillo; Masslive)

    Alex Speier talks some more about his top prospects list from Baseball America.

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