Picks Wednesday May, 22, 2019
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05/15/2019   -   WON $100

MIL -6.5
Toronto 100
Bucks 108
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  • honestly the warriors were good before Kevin Durant and they will be good after him as long as they keep their core players together. I actually think they played better without Kevin Durant, because curry takes a backseat when he's on the floor. We will see if Portland bows up here today, but I think they are mentally defeated after dropping 2 games with no KD on the floor.

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  • Bucks have been smashing everyone all season and playoffs. Now that Brogdon is back at 100%, I dont see Toronto being able to hang with Milwaukee and the Bucks should be able to slow Leonard. I've got Bucks in 5.

    My Pick: Milwaukee -6.5 100%
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  • In 88 minutes w/o Durant, Golden State is -15 vs Portland over the past two years. Here's the stat that intrigues me... in the 81 minutes without Nurkic on the floor this season vs. Golden State, Portland was +47.

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