Picks Wednesday Jul, 17, 2019
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07/07/2019   -   LOST $180

MIN -180
Texas 4
Twins 1
Money Risked represents $100 wagers. No actual money is being bet here.
  • The big plus money with Texas is tempting considering that Leclerc has started as an opener, BUT that was back in May and he still has a bad bullpen behind him. Kyle Gibson has struggled of late, but the Twins are the far better team in this one and the Rangers have been trending in the wrong direction. Give me Minny on the RL -1.5 (-110).

    My Pick: Minnesota -180 67%
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  • Warriors' desperation will trump Toronto's hunger. Warriors +115 ML

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  • agree with that, I'll take a flyer on Giants +160 today

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  • San Diego has filled its roster with a bunch of young and newly-acquired talent while the Blue Jays still look like one of the most underwhelming home teams in baseball. IMO San Diego is the better of these two teams and it is not even close.

    My Pick: San Diego -119 67%
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  • honestly the warriors were good before Kevin Durant and they will be good after him as long as they keep their core players together. I actually think they played better without Kevin Durant, because curry takes a backseat when he's on the floor. We will see if Portland bows up here today, but I think they are mentally defeated after dropping 2 games with no KD on the floor.

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  • Bucks have been smashing everyone all season and playoffs. Now that Brogdon is back at 100%, I dont see Toronto being able to hang with Milwaukee and the Bucks should be able to slow Leonard. I've got Bucks in 5.

    My Pick: Milwaukee -6.5 67%
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  • In 88 minutes w/o Durant, Golden State is -15 vs Portland over the past two years. Here's the stat that intrigues me... in the 81 minutes without Nurkic on the floor this season vs. Golden State, Portland was +47.

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