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Today Friday Feb, 22, 2019
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01/18/2019   -   LOST $10

Xavier 75
Wildcats 85
NWEST -1.5
Wildcats 65
Rutgers 57
Money Risked represents $100 wagers. No actual money is being bet here.
  • Cincy -8? Las Vegas you've lost your mind. I will take Central Florida all day. Somebody tell me Central Florida is missing 2 starters tonight?

    My Pick: Central Florida +8

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  • Connecticut vs SMU (Feb 21) Yesterday at 11:04am

    UCONN has been banged up for their last 2 games and covered against both Memphis and Houston. They played Houston to a 63-71 point game and Houston helluva lot better than SMU. UCONN has a deep bench and a veteran team and have proven they can be competitive without Gilbert in the lineup. SMU has lost 5 in a row but 3 of those games could have went either way....so they are poised for a win. I just believe UCONN should be good enough to hang around and keep this one close. SMU 72- UCONN 69

    My Pick: Connecticut +6.5

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  • Colorado vs Washington St. (Feb 20) February 20 at 9:29am

    For this game we have to look no further than recent play of both of these two teams against recent games against Arizona and Arizona State. Colorado beat both of these team 69-55 and 91-70 respectively, or average margin of victory 17.5 Points. Washington St. beat both of these teams 67-60 and 77-73, or average margin of victory 5.5 points. That's a 12 point differential against similar teams. Sure you can bake in the home court advantage of 4-5 points but the numbers still point to the much hotter team in Colorado here. I'm riding the Buffs again here tonight.

    My Pick: Colorado -4

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  • Xavier vs Seton Hall (Feb 20) February 20 at 9:22am

    I've been fading Xavier all year and they cut me against Providence, but I'm fading them again tonight. We are getting the better team in Seton Hall at home at a low number.

    My Pick: Seton Hall -5

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  • Illinois vs Wisconsin (Feb 18) February 18 at 8:00am

    Illinois is averaging 78 points per game during their 4 game winning streak, so the over is worth a look. One win again MSU and one against OSU - Not easy teams. Wisconsin is currently projected as a number five seed in the NCAA Tournament and can not afford a home loss here. The Badgers will get the win, but the Fighting Illini will cover the number. Final Score Prediction, Wisconsin Badgers win but fall short ATS 71-67.Ok I know I keep talking but my final Bet.Illinois VS Wisconsin Illinois+14-104Illinois VS Wisconsin Under138-115

    My Pick: Illinois +9.5 & Under 135

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    • @DrPaul
      February 18 at 8:52am More

      nice post. thanks for sharing. i really like the overs too.

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 9:09am 2 More

      +11 -116 & 135.5 -110 - I don't see any big movement. Would be a nice Teaser but @ 4.5 pts in Hoop it's not worth having to win both bets and I am not greedy.

    • @R2Defenders
      February 18 at 10:46am More

      Line is already at 9.5. Kenpom says 74 - 61

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 10:48am More

      @R2 - I still have it at 10.5 - You taking Wisconsin?

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 1:44pm More

      Well +9.5 is no longer appealing - What is appealing is the Under 135.5

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 1:45pm More

      I like the Teaser Badgers and the Under - But I hate Teasing so I am just going to buy and go under 136.

    • @rc
      February 18 at 2:03pm More

      Illinois just beat Ohio State and Michigan State. Hard to eat that many points tonight imo.

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 2:05pm More

      @RCYea I know and I wish I jumped on it at +11.5 - Like I said I love the Under/Illinois Teaser...You and I chatted last-night and I lost on both o/u picks but hit on Colorado...So what you thinking about this game? as far as the 9.5 and the 135.5 o/u?

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 3:25pm More

      @RC I don't like to cross talk but the Under of 6 in San Jose and Boston Bruins Tonight looks like a million bucks. I even think Boston gets the Job done, but 6 Goals - I love the under and never bet hockey.

    • @R2Defenders
      February 18 at 3:29pm More

      I took +11

    • @R2Defenders
      February 18 at 3:31pm More

      Illinois at Wisconsin betting lines, prediction: Bettors should be wary of laying points with BadgersOne of the hottest teams in the Big Ten, Illinois has moved up 33 spots in the KenPom rankings since beating Maryland on Jan. 26. The Illini head to Madison on Monday as 10.5-point underdogs. https://www.betchicago.com/illinois-wisconsin-betting-lines-odds-prediction-college-basketball-monday

    • @R2Defenders
      February 18 at 3:32pm More

      Just food for thought

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 3:34pm More

      I just dropped $2.50 on Boston and Under 6 Parlay to make $10. I will throw the other $10 on either V-Tech or Illinois. I hesitated R2 I was taking them at +11.5 all day long.

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 3:56pm 2 More

      Balls to the walls fellas - It's locked in Illinois +14/ Under138 Teaser & if not I am retired.

    • @rc
      February 18 at 4:22pm More

      Ha you can't retire. Nobody likes a quitter. J, I'm not playing total just Illinois +9.5 I like TCU tonight for my money play

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 4:25pm More

      @RC did you check out my hockey pick? I am in AA Sober for YEARS and picked this up to get my Dad who has cancer out of bed to watch his fav team Syracuse. I wouldn't watch any of this shit without $5 on the game. I am not the big better. Hell I even lived in Vegas but was a BarTender. Like that moron "The MeantMan" On youtube.

    • @1989812550
      February 18 at 4:30pm More

      @RC I just got TCU -2 (+100) Bet $15 to make $15 - Jumped on it as fast as I could

    • @rc
      February 18 at 4:34pm 1 More

      @R2Defenders good share with the BetChicago link, I copied the link to the share bar to pin to the matchup.

  • Illinois vs Wisconsin (Feb 18) February 18 at 4:32pm


    Illinois at Wisconsin betting lines, prediction: Bettors should be wary of laying points with BadgersOne of the hottest teams in the Big Ten, Illinois has moved up 33 spots in the KenPom rankings since beating Maryland on Jan. 26. The Illini head to Madison on Monday as 10.5-point underdogs. https://www.betchicago.com/illinois-wisconsin-betting-lines-odds-prediction-college-basketball-monday

    My Pick: Illinois +9.5

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  • TCU vs Oklahoma St. (Feb 18) February 18 at 3:13pm

    Ok State looked like a hot mess against both Texas Tech and Texas ...the Cowboys are completely inept on both ends of the floor. TCU will miss Noi tonight but they have a deep bench and still a helluva lot better than this Ok State team. #Frogs

    My Pick: TCU -3

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    • @rc
      February 18 at 3:14pm More

      Frogs and I'm feeling the over in this game.

  • Arizona vs Colorado (Feb 17) February 17 at 12:35pm

    Damn Colorado went up to -5.5 since 7am this morning. This was a bet the farm for me. Glad I got them at -4 but I maintain it's still a 8-10pt W

    My Pick: Colorado -4

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    • @rc
      February 17 at 1:24pm More

      That's the best feeling, I call them early worms.

    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 1:28pm More

      Just my opinion but if you can still get Fairfield / Niagra the under's 147 and Quinnipiac under 127 try to get on that train. I might even take Colorado laying -5.5 if these 3 other's hit.

    • @rc
      February 17 at 2:13pm More

      Quinnipiac just tipped, missed it. Send me a notification if I should hit them 2nd half. Thanks

    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 2:17pm More

      RC - Any 2nd Half bet I always lose . I may have Won two in my life as I always chase the team I backed since the start and esp if they are up 20 in any sport I always lose the bet. I've learned (but won't bet 2nd halfs anymore) that only if the game is within a Field Goal or 2-6 pts should it be touched. Regardless I am betting because I am bored and I am losing - I am going to be giving it up after Today with what little $ I have in my Book Site in Costa Rica. To Stressful and no exactly the Leisure Activity my Therapist meant lol

    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 2:27pm More

      RC - Quin is on Track to be around 120-125 pts - Fairfield is on track to be around 142-144 is my guess - Same Guesses I took earlier.

    • @rc
      February 17 at 2:39pm More

      I love 2nd Half bets in College Football, not so much basketball. In CFB you can at least see which team showed up or maybe a team that is moving the ball but turned the ball over several times in 1st half and score doesn't indicate what's going on on the field. Ha well start betting less and on fewer games.....I went from playing $300 a game to playing $50-100 a game and betting on fewer games. I'm up this month so that's all that matters right. ha

    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 2:59pm More

      Yea right we always talk about our Winnings. Hell I am betting $10 games but I started loosing when Sat's came and I had to bet every time frame 1pm 2pm 3pm ect. Just pick 3-4 Games and that's it. 56 Pts at the Half for Quinnipiac and Fairfield is 74. Liking both of them and hoping Fairfield games slow's down.

    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 3:33pm More

      Quin is Dead. I think Fairfield comes in but I gotta run. We will talk later about Colorado. I am making it a farm bet!

    • @rc
      February 17 at 4:06pm 1 More

      Can't lose them all right? lol Get you some Miami -2.5, I just posted that one...BC potentially has 3 starters out and Miami playing well of late.

    • @rc
      February 17 at 8:57pm More

      Good Start for CU, J. Hope they hand on and cash for us.

    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 9:58pm More

      Well we put the money in the bank. I only wish I got home in time from my Date to put another $100 on top of the $15 LOL - But I will take the $30 Win.

  • Miami vs Boston College (Feb 17) February 17 at 3:44pm

    Slew of injuries right now for this BC team. Miami has been good against the number, covering 4 of their last 5 and came within 3 points of knocking off UNC. BC did just beat Pitt but they lost 2 of their starters in that game and have 3 starters in question tonight. I'll lay the points with the hotter/healthier team on the road.

    My Pick: Miami -2.5

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  • Miami vs Boston College (Feb 17) February 17 at 3:32pm

    I got the Hurricanes in this one. Miami is horrible on the road and Boston College is decent at home but the Eagles struggle too much ATS while the Hurricanes have played well against the spread. That's enough for me.

    My Pick: Miami -2.5

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  • Ohio St. vs Michigan St. (Feb 17) February 17 at 9:18am

    ****UNDER 136**** - Two good defenses today that average 131 combined points for game. Ohio State has really struggled pointing up points in their last 2 games and things won't get any easier in East Lansing today. Predicted score, Michigan State 69- Ohio State 58

    My Pick: Under 136.5

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    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 9:42am More

      I am going to avoid this and look at the Under in Bobcats/Siena as well as Under in Fairfield vs Niagra. Then I love Colorado -4 tonight.

    • @OdellApproves
      February 17 at 11:57am More

      As a buckeye fan, id love to see a shocker, but think sparty pulls away late. What do you think about Nova -4?

    • @rc
      February 17 at 1:16pm More

      Got to love it when a line drops 3.5 points. Now under 133. :)

    • @rc
      February 17 at 1:21pm More

      Money coming in on Nova, Nova looks like a Top 8 team to me. St. Johns looks mediocre. I would lay the points.

    • @1989812550
      February 17 at 1:23pm More

      How the Fairfield Niagra game O/U Hasn't changed from 127 is beyond me. It's Free $ on the Under

    • @RickyJ
      February 17 at 2:28pm More

      My book dropped it to 133

    • @RickyJ
      February 17 at 2:30pm More

      38-39 with little over 10 minutes. Spend your under bets if there is no OT

    • @Quincy
      February 17 at 3:05pm More

      Nice pick RC!!!!

    • @OdellApproves
      February 17 at 3:16pm More

      Nice call

  • @1792018966 60% Last 10

    This seems too good to be true. I'm all over the over of 123.5 on this. Bradley averages 69 PPG at home during conference and 68 on the season while giving up 68 PPG at home during conference and 67 on the season. On the flip side, Loyola has averaged 59 PPG on the road during conference (includes a fluke 35 point game) and 67 on the season. Loyola gives up 66.5 PPG during conference and 60 on the season. They have to average 62 points each and Bradley has failed to reach that number 7 times in 25 games (2 times at home) while Loyola has failed 8 of 25 games this season (5 on the road). The only way this doesn't go over is if Loyola has a bad shooting night and Bradley isn't known for having a lock down D. My prediction, 67-64.

    My Pick: Over 123.5

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  • LSU vs Kentucky (Feb 12) February 12 at 10:20am

    LSU has won 12 of their last 13 games and the Tigers offense has been solid as they rank 18th in scoring offense and have been putting an eye popping 83 PPG. The Tigers are going to have their hands full today going up against an equally hot Kentucky team that 5-0 ATS in their last 5 and an impressive 13-0 at home. But when I look at this spread, I just think 8.5 points is a lot of points to give a team that has the athleticism to give Kentucky a run for their money.

    My Pick: LSU +8.5

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  • Kansas vs TCU (Feb 11) February 11 at 9:13am

    I played Ok State +10.5 against KU on Saturday, and lost by a bucket as the Jayhawks lit it up from 3 point land in that game. Kansas is still dealing with some personnel issues with Lagerald Vick out today and possibly Marcus Garrett out with ankle injury. TCU picked up their first road win in the Big 12 over top ranked Iowa State team and comes into this game with an impressive 11-1 record at home this season. TCU has been somewhat of a fickle team this year and has had some bad losses but I'll lay the 3 points today as more of a fade of a KU team dealing with some issues.

    My Pick: TCU +-3

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  • Oklahoma vs Baylor (Feb 11) February 11 at 9:04am

    Its been a tough stretch of four games for the Sooners and they are going up against a determined Baylor team after 2 in a row. The biggest factor here today for me is Baylor drilled Oklahoma 77-47 earlier this seaon (January 28), and since then the Sooners have lost by eight to West Virginia, one to Iowa State and 12 to Texas Tech. I expect to see the best version of OU tonight but Ill stick with Baylor here at home as they are simply the better team playing on their home floor. Note the Vegas money is also coming in on the Bears.

    My Pick: Baylor +-3.5

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