Picks Tuesday Sep, 17, 2019
3 Picks
MLB 6:35pm EST
LAA +255
Angels +255
New York -291
MLB 7:05pm EST
PIT -136
Seattle +123
Pirates -136
Money Risked represents $100 wagers. No actual money is being bet here.
  • this game is another of those 'Sucky ERA pitcher' vs much lower ERA pitcher but somehow, the Sucky ERA pitcher will pitch like a perfect night and the lower ERA pitcher will get hit like no tomorrow? Don't forget its end season, veteran or experience SP has no fck to give while pitchers who messed up has to prove for next season. Remember last week? Like really, Low ERA SP + plus money? Pittsburgh tonight all the way. Both teams has nothing to play for except for the fans and Pirates will play for the fans.

    My Pick: Pittsburgh -136 60%
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  • Vegas wants to bait you to take NYY -1.5 with the high juice ML, there's like no value during season end with a team like NYY that has already proven of playoff worthy. On the other hand, slumbing teams has nothing to lose and will play harder. I like LA +1.5 and over.

    My Pick: Los Angeles +255 & Over 9.5 60%
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  • its end season , every better pitcher with better ERA sucks balls. Look at last week results. 7 ERA or 10 ERA starting pitchers can easily beat 3-4 ERA opposite team starting pitchers. Slumbing team plays harder because they have nothing to lose.

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  • another trap game today. Dakota 3.40 ERA vs Antonio 7.19 ERA , at low juice currently -143 , watch Antonio pitch like a CY Young like Chi Chi (Who never won a game since 2014). Freaking MLB traps. If card wins, they will win by 1 point because Vegas wants you to take the $$$ for RL.

    My Pick: Under 13.5 60%
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  • Dont over think today, its TNF , favorite +home , both team are good but KC will win by 1 TD. Vegas is messing up with your mind thinking this is a trap game if you bet on favourites

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  • @1271241100 • 10m

    Wow they sucked so bad today theres no words to describe

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  • @1271241100 • 10m

    I like redskins tonight ... the whole world are on eagles. Another upset underdog Monday win.

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